Continuing Education Frequently Asked Questions



How do I receive Continuing Education Credits from the conference?

You must sign your name on the CEU sign in sheet at the back of the room for every session you attend. There is a sign in sheet for each type of CEU offered, so if you would like CEUs from multiple accrediting bodies, you must sign your name on every sheet.

PHIUS CPHC: You can claim 5 credits for attending BuildingEnergy NYC. You must self-report on PHIUS' website:   Use code:  00567

If you signed the CEU sheets during one or more sessions: For AIA and BPI, we will submit your name and credits. For USGBC, we will email you a certificate of attendance for you to self-report.

What types of CEUs are offered at this conference?

The conference offers credits from AIA (American Institute of Architects); BPI (Building Performance Institute, Inc.); CPHC (Certified Passive House Consultant); and USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council).

Do the AIA CEUs qualify for LU/HSW credits?

Yes, all AIA CEUs are LU/HSW credits.

When will I receive my certificate of attendance? You should expect to receive your certificate between 4-6 weeks after the conference.
When will I receive BPI and/or AIA CEUs? Your name will be submitted around the time that the certificates are sent out- between 4-6 weeks after the conference.
How many credits are available? We offer the following:
  • AIA: 1 credit per hour
  • BPI: 1 credit per hour
  • USGBC: 1 credit per hour
  • CPHC: 5 PHIUS CPHC CEUs for full conference attendance
Do I need to be an AIA, USGBC, or BPI member in order to receive these CEUs? Yes. Please visit individual websites for more information.
I am leading a session at the conference, can I receive CEUs for this? No, facilitators/teachers are not eligible for CEUs for sessions they lead.
Who do I contact if I have additional questions about CEUs? Contact Susan Farber, Conference Coordinator, at