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28 Maple St., Ste. 202
Portland , Maine 04101
Phone: 207-847-3788

Design Philosophy:

“architecture for life” is the creation of architecture that is timeless, environmentally friendly, beautiful, and long-lasting. Architecture that focuses on the experiences of the building’s occupants, enhancing their daily lives with natural daylight, excellent ventilation, and delightful spaces that engage their artful minds, architecture that is mindful of our finite resources and respectful of the natural environment. It is architecture that will stand the test of time by being very durable, simple to operate, economical to maintain, and beautiful.

Our Mission:

Briburn is committed to creating innovative, energy efficient, green solutions for residential, commercial, Institutional and civic projects that artfully reflect our client’s needs and interests.

Professional Specialties: Architecture, Beyond Energy, Building Design & Construction, Design Process, Education, Indoor Air Quality, Multifamily, Net Zero Energy, Passive Housing, Single Family

Bright Energy Services

9030 Fort Hamilton Pkwy.
Brooklyn , New York 11209
Phone: 347-470-7090

Bright Energy Services is an award-winning energy and environmental consulting firm in the Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Cleantech & Sustainability Markets. The firm deploys tailored energy efficiency solutions and leverages renewable energy technologies. Our services allow clients to cut energy costs, meet regulatory requirements, manage their emission portfolios, deploy the latest technology and reduce their carbon footprint. Our consulting services span many disciplines, focusing on providing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings environmental improvements through energy auditing, retro-commissioning and building analysis, bench-marking, energy load reduction, LEED® and Energy Star certification, greenhouse gas inventories, and sustainability program development.

Professional Specialties: Alternative Energy, Certifications & Standards, Cities & Communities, Commercial & Institutional, Composting, Construction Process, Consultancy, Design Process, Education, Electric/Hybrid Vehicles, Energy Auditing, Energy Conservation, Engineering, Envelope & Enclosure, Fuel Cell, HVAC, Indoor Air Quality, Insulation, Lighting Design, Lighting Supply, Marketing, Mechanical Systems & Lighting, Money & Business, Multifamily, Net Zero Energy, Passive Housing, Photovoltaics, Real Estate, Renewables & The Grid, Roofing, Solar Thermal, Windows, Electrical

BrightBuilt Home

102 Exchange St.
2nd Fl.
Portland , Maine 04101
Phone: 207-842-2888

On the leading edge of sustainability and design, award-winning firm Kaplan Thompson Architects founded BrightBuilt Home with the goal of providing more beautiful, healthy and low-energy homes for the American homebuyer. To optimize affordability, we rely heavily on supreme geekery married with years of custom design experience and construction knowledge. Sketches and cost spreadsheets are used hand-in-hand with energy models in order to optimize each home and reduce its carbon footprint. As a partnership between design professionals, modular builders, and site contractors, we can keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry at large. As a team, we stay current on all aspects of home-building, from design innovations to pricing projections to best construction practices to more!

Professional Specialties: Building Design & Construction, Multifamily, Net Zero Energy, Single Family

Brissette Electric, Inc.

PO Box 741
West Tisbury , Massachusetts 02575
Phone: 508-693-0764

Brissette Electric, Inc. is a Martha’s Vineyard based electrical contractor committed to customer service and quality. Our electricians take a team approach on every job and are dedicated to providing quality and performance that will exceed expectations.

We enjoy working with people, and will do everything possible to complete your project in a professional and timely manner.

Professional Specialties: Commercial & Institutional, Construction Process, Single Family, Electrical

Brooks Post & Beam, Inc.

208 Pettingill Hill Rd.
Lyndeborough , New Hampshire 03082
Phone: 603-654-3210

Brooks Post & Beam has been building energy efficient, sustainable homes throughout New England for over 40 years. We have been building homes, barns and commercial buildings sustainably for decades. We are a small company focused on improving our quality

Professional Specialties: Building Design & Construction, Single Family

Bruss Project Management, LLC

17 Springfield St.
Concord , New Hampshire 03301
Phone: 603-856-8218

Bruss Project Management provides Project Management Service from project start to completion. We work with Owners to tailor a scope of services uniquely suited to their project needs.

Professional Specialties: Commercial & Institutional, Construction Process, Consultancy, Design Process, Single Family

Build Equinox

1103 N High Cross Rd.
Urbana , Illinois 61802
Phone: 773-492-1893

Build Equinox is a US company who designs and builds the CERV Smart Ventilation system in a 100% solar powered facility. CO2 and VOC sensors combined with heat pump energy recovery sets the CERV apart from the competition.

Professional Specialties: Commercial & Institutional, Indoor Air Quality, Manufacturing, Single Family

Building Shelter, Inc.

PO Box 2297
Vineyard Haven , Massachusetts 02568
Phone: 508-693-7734

We build homes from nature. Our construction practices are based on building science and the tradition of our trade. Our team is trained to understand how buildings work well and why they can cause harm. We are RESNET trained, a Certified Passive House Builder, Certified Passive House Consultant, EPA Lead Safe Certified Firm, certified Building Performance Institute Home Analyst Professional. Our carpenters are trained to understand that a house is more than parts assembly. A building incorrectly conceived and executed can be expensive to maintain and harmful to live in and harmful to nature on which we depend. We value honesty and good relationships with our clients, helping our community and respect for nature.

Professional Specialties: Building Design & Construction, Consultancy, Single Family

BuildingGreen, Inc.

122 Birge St.
Ste. 30
Brattleboro , Vermont 05301
Phone: 802-257-7300

BuildingGreen provides building industry professionals with well-researched information on environmentally sound building practices and green products. Online resources include BuildingGreen and LEEDuser.

Professional Specialties: Alternative Energy, Beyond Energy, Building Design & Construction, Education, Energy Conservation

BuildingLogic, Inc.

PO Box 210
Gardiner , New York 12525
Phone: 845-443-0657

We design and build beautiful high performance homes. Our full service company integrates traditional craft, science, and modern design, to create durable efficient homes that people love to live in. - - Certified Passive House Consultant and Tradesperson, Net-Zero Energy design.

Professional Specialties: Building Design & Construction, Energy Conservation, Net Zero Energy, Passive Housing, Remodeling/DER, Single Family


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