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eco_logic STUDIO, architecture & engineering, PLLC

2495 Main St.
Ste. 431
Buffalo , New York 14214
Phone: 716-834-9588

eco_logic STUDIO is an architecture, engineering, and planning firm focusing on green design and community revitalization. Specializing in high performance new and retrofit design of custom homes, affordable housing, institutional facilities, commercial development, urban design and planning, and green infrastructure. Certified Passive House Designer, Architects, and Engineer on staff. Experience in natural building, solar systems and living roofs. Architectural registration in NY, NJ, MI, NC, SC, and CT.

Professional Specialties: Architecture, Building Design & Construction, Cities & Communities, Consultancy, Design Process, Engineering, Envelope & Enclosure, Insulation, Multifamily, Net Zero Energy, Passive Housing, Roofing, Single Family

Ecocor, LLC

22 Main St., Building 6
Searsmont , Maine 04973
Phone: 2073422085

All of our construction details are certified Passive House components, certified though the Passive House Institute in Darmstsdt Germany. Our foundation, wall and roof designs as well as all structural details are currently patent pending under (DRH File No.: 9036.2.P01PCT01).

Professional Specialties: Building Design & Construction, Design Process, Multifamily, Single Family

Emerald Builders

PO Box 299
Bowdoinham , Maine 04008
Phone: 207-841-2775

Emerald Builders is a residential building company serving mid-coast Maine. We focus primarily on building sustainable and energy efficient homes and buildings. We work closely with our clients, designers, and subcontractors to bring their dreams to reality. We rely heavily on open communication between all parties from conception through project completion to make sure we’ve put out the best possible product for our clients. We pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to the highest quality craftsmanship and to the environment.

Professional Specialties: Alternative Energy, Building Design & Construction, Construction Process, Single Family


50 Main St.
Ste. 1000
White Plains , New York 10606
Phone: 914-263-1199

As an integrated energy engineering firm, EN-POWER GROUP’s services range from engineering design and implementation to energy consulting, managing, and financing. For all projects, our engineers and analysts focus on energy efficiency and resiliency in order to maximize project payback and aid long-term facility planning. Our expertise includes traditional HVAC systems, building green certification, code and law compliance, and on-site generation technologies including solar PV, cogeneration (CHP), battery storage, and emergency power generators. We assist our clients from all building-types in developing a thorough understanding of existing energy-related conditions and in developing solutions to improve efficiency and mitigate environmental impacts in their facilities.

Professional Specialties: Alternative Energy, Beyond Energy, Commercial & Institutional, Consultancy, Energy Auditing, Energy Conservation, Engineering, HVAC, Lighting Design, Mechanical Systems & Lighting, Multifamily, Photovoltaics, Renewables & The Grid

Energy Engineering and Design, Inc.

835 East Street
Dedham , Massachusetts 02026
Phone: 781-775-2698

EE&D has the ability to develop a customized facility improvement program that fits your individual needs in the most cost effective way.

Professional Specialties: Cities & Communities, Commercial & Institutional, Consultancy, Energy Auditing, Energy Conservation

Energy Federation, Inc. (EFI)

40 Washington St.
Ste. 2000
Westborough , Massachusetts 01581
Phone: 508-870-2277

For over 30 years, EFI has assisted people in their efforts to use less energy and water by providing energy efficient products and delivering successful utility program services. Our Mission is to encourage people to use our planet’s limited energy and water resources wisely. We assist people in these efforts by offering high quality conservation products and services at affordable prices while communicating practical, objective information. By following this mission, our work will lead to an improved quality of life and economic condition.

EFI a leading promoter of residential energy efficiency-related products, distributing products directly through our Consumer and Wholesale Divisions, and administrating utility-sponsored rebate programs through our Incentive Processing Division.

Professional Specialties: Commercial & Institutional, Consumer Information, Energy Conservation, Single Family

Energy Futures Group

PO Box 587
Hinesburg , Vermont 05461
Phone: 802-482-5001

EFG is a consulting firm that provides clients specialized expertise on energy efficiency markets, programs and policies, with an emphasis on cutting-edge approaches. It was founded in April 2010 by Chris Neme, Richard Faesy, and Glenn Reed, each of whom has more than 20 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry.

EFG has worked with a range of clients – government agencies, consumer advocates, environmental advocates and utilities – in 24 states, 3 Canadian provinces, and several countries in Europe.

Professional Specialties: Consultancy, Public Policy

Energy Managment Professionals, LLC

PO Box 2127
Waterbury , Connecticut 06722
Phone: 203-756-7041

Energy Management Professionals, LLC (previously Wesson Energy) is a progressive energy partner specializing in modern, high-efficiency solutions and comprehensive home comfort service. We help homeowners and businesses integrate alternative energy sources, including solar and biofuel.

Professional Specialties: HVAC, Mechanical Systems & Lighting, Multifamily, Single Family

Energy Opportunities, Inc.

1200 E Camping Area Rd.
Wellsville , Pennsylvania 17365
Phone: 717-292-2636

Energy Opportunities provides services focused on energy issues and the interface of nature and human enterprises. Founded in 1993, EO is also a part of 7group, LLC.

Professional Specialties: Alternative Energy, Beyond Energy, Certifications & Standards, Cities & Communities, Commercial & Institutional, Construction Process, Consultancy, Design Process, Education, Energy Auditing, Energy Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Insulation, Lighting Design, Multifamily, Net Zero Energy, Passive Housing, Renewables & The Grid, Research, The Big Picture

European Architectural Supply (EAS)

144 North Rd.
Ste. 2500
Sudbury , Massachusetts 01776
Phone: 617-647-4432

Supplier of high-quality Passive House certified windows, doors and curtain wall from Schuco and Makrowin. Products include entry doors, tilt-turn windows, lift-slide doors and are available in PVC, wood, aluminum, and commercial curtain wall.

Professional Specialties: Envelope & Enclosure, Net Zero Energy, Passive Housing, Single Family, Windows


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