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BuildingEnergy is the most established and most cross-disciplinary renewable energy and high performance building conference in the region. Organized by members of the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA), BuildingEnergy attracts diverse building and sustainability professionals with its cutting-edge, vetted content and open, honest discussion of successes and failures. The conferences' accredited educational sessions are rigorous, the high-level trade show is engaging, and the three days of networking lead to new colleagues and life-long friendships.

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BuildingEnergy NYC 2018
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Who Me, a High Energy User? A Deep Dive into Tenant Energy Use in Multifamily Buildings View Presentation (1018.25 KB)
View Presentation (1.18 MB)
View Presentation (404.55 KB)
Sean Brennan
Rory Christian
David Klatt
We Should Know Better: Top 10 Multifamily Design Mistakes View Presentation (7.33 MB) Steve Klocke
Thinking Big and Small: A 2030 Municipal Buildings Improvement Plan View Presentation (5.42 MB) Ned Collier
Rebecca Hatchadorian
Julie Lynch
The Challenge of Energy Efficiency in Rent-Regulated Housing View Presentation (526.51 KB) Chris Halfnight
Lindsay Robbins
Pete Sikora
Anna Weingord
Marc Zuluaga
The All-Electric Multifamily: Trends, Technologies and Best Practices for Designing a Gas-Free Future View Presentation (2.09 MB) Sofia Melo
Bill Womeldorf
Stretch Energy Codes: Helping Practitioners Reach the Moon View Presentation (2.78 MB)
View Presentation (517.53 KB)
View Presentation (1.59 MB)
Gina Bocra
Marilyn Dare
Nick Goldsmith
Solar Soars Above & Beyond the Rooftop View Presentation (3.22 MB)
View Presentation (4.31 MB)
Amelia Amon
Ron Celentano
Chris Neidl
Rewards and Risks of Highly Insulated Envelopes for Multifamily Buildings View Presentation (6.36 MB) Kevin Brennan
Dan Canova
Ed May
Shawn Torbert
Non-Wires Solutions: Lessons Learned and Insights for Future Projects View Presentation (1.03 MB) Damei Jack
Brian Picariello
Net Zero, Passive House, Embodied Carbon: Why Healthy Materials Are Essential to High Performing Building Designs View Presentation (1.68 MB) Lisa Carey-Moore
Jacob Racusin
Net Zero Retrofit Solutions for New York's Multifamily Buildings: RetrofitNY View Presentation (7.6 MB)
View Presentation (878.74 KB)
Sara Bayer
Tristan Grant
Christopher Mahase
Andrea Mancino
Peter Volandes
Net Zero Retrofit of a Brooklyn Townhouse View Presentation (747.01 KB)
View Presentation (3.79 MB)
View Presentation (2.98 MB)
View Presentation (5.13 MB)
Mcgowan Southworth
Jason Taylor
David White
Measured vs. Modeled Energy Performance in Passive House Multifamily Properties View Presentation (2.88 MB) Stuart Brodsky
James Ortega
Key Learnings from Utility-Owned Residential Geothermal and Solar REV Projects View Presentation (891.05 KB)
View Presentation (1.42 MB)
Rob Gauchat
Chong (John) Lin
Jon Nickerson
David Reardon
Integrating Resiliency into Architecture, Landscape Infrastructure, and Energy Systems View Presentation (6.39 MB) Gonzalo Cruz
Jordan Harrison Salinger
Andrea Mengual
Hybrid Distributed Energy Resources (DER) View Presentation (2.6 MB) Jamin Bennett
Dale Desmarais
Jeff Hendler
Different Systems of Multifamily Passive House from Design to Operation View Presentation (3.18 MB) Lois Arena
Mark Ginsberg
Crystal Ng
Justin Stein
All-Electric Buildings: Air Source Heat Pumps in NY View Presentation (4.81 MB) Jordan Dentz
Julie Liu
Aaron Ordower
Scott Smith
Designing for Comfort: From Basic Principles to New Tools for Design and Certification View Presentation (4.32 MB) Ed May
Adventures in Retrofitting: Lessons from Two Multifamily Passive House Projects View Presentation (7.18 MB)
View Presentation (7.28 MB)
View Presentation (7.68 MB)
View Presentation (6.3 MB)
View Presentation (6.36 MB)
Laura Nettleton
Brandon Nicholson


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