Completion date


The house is occupied by us at least one week per month all year long. Many other days we let friends and family use the home. The interior temperature is kept to at least 60 degrees F during colder weather.

Days per year Building is fully occupied:


Type of Construction New
Conditioned Building Volume 7,623 cu ft
Conditioned Floor Area 1,056 sq ft
Unconditioned Floor Area 192 sq ft

Location and Climate Details

Single Family Residence

212 Arundel Road
Kennebunkport, ME 04046
United States
Location Type Rural
Climate Region Zone 6
Köppen Climate Type Dwb
Lat. / Long. POINT (-70.4726949 43.386785)
Elevation 70 ft
Solar Insolation 3.25 kWh/m2/day
Annual CDD and Base Temp 458 | 65 degrees F
Annual HDD and Base Temp 7613 | 65 degrees F


Site conditions:
previously undeveloped land
Site description:

The site is a section of rough New England woods pasture. It is fairly flat at the house site with lots of large and small ledge outcroppings. We had to put in an 800 foot drive way that rises 50 feet and comes up past our 16 x 24 barn/shop. We turned the house so it would fit into the ledges without any blasting.

Materials and Design Strategy


The design used small dimension framing and advanced framing techniques to minimize wood usage. Sheet rock with recycled content was used as much as possible. To ensure very long life, the roof was covered with standing seem metal. Plastics used to protect delivered materials were reused in the crawl space as a vapor barrier. The house was built on a 3+ foot high crawl space frost wall that was mostly poured on ledge footings. The floor area was covered with crushed stone.

Special architectural measures::

The air for the Fujitsu heat pump is drawn through the east side porch. This improves efficiency and reduces defrost cycles. The heat pump is being retrofitted with a defrost system that works on pressures measured between the heat exchanger and the fan and outdoors.

LCA Description:


Indoor Environment Description:
The materials inside are as low VOC as possible and natural. A Fantech HRV keeps the interior air fresh and clean. The super insulation and the heat pump maintain uniform temperatures all through the house.