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BuildingEnergy 16 Full Conference Business Member Company Record Manager Green Company Manager Member

BuildingEnergy 16 Full Conference Business Member Company Record Manager Green Company Manager Member

Bill Maclay, FAIA, is the author of the comprehensive resource for net zero building design, The New Net Zero, and founding principal of Maclay Architects of Waitsfield, Vermont. Bill has pioneered a replicable model for net zero and environmentally sustainable architecture. Through practice, advocacy, and outreach, Bill has influenced thousands in creating a renewable planet. By making sustainability inherent to his practice, Bill has been at the forefront of designing innovative projects that serve as replicable, concrete, and cost-effective models for over four decades. His firm has designed over 10 net zero and net zero ready buildings including office, educational, manufacturing, municipal, and commercial buildings in cold climates, and was the recipient of the 2012 NESEA Zero Net Energy Building Award.


BuildingEnergy 16 Full Conference Green Company Manager Member

BuildingEnergy 16 Full Conference Green Company Manager Member

With a B.A. in engineering from Brown University, Andy Shapiro, through his company Energy Balance, Inc, has been providing energy consulting and design services to a wide variety of clients since 1988. He works with homeowners, architects, engineers and builders, as well as towns, landlords, non-profit housing organizations, and electric utilities. Services range from house-doctoring to sustainable building design and include research projects as well as utility program design and impact evaluation. He is the author of The Homeowners Complete Guide to Add-On Solar Greenhouses and Sunspaces (Rodale Press, 1985). He became VEEP’s energy scientist in 1994. Shapiro provides a level of technical expertise unusual in classrooms and along with Barhydt is helping to enhance science teaching in New England schools. Andy lives in Montpelier.

Energy Consultant
Mechanical Engineer

Other Team Members

Owner's Team Buildings and General Services, State of Vermont
Design Team
Architect Maclay Architects
Court Architect RicciGreene Associates
Energy Consultant Energy Balance, Inc.
Cost Consultant DEW Construction, Inc.
Structural Engineer Engineering Ventures
Mechanical Engineer Kohler & Lewis
Civil Engineer Engineering Ventures
Electrical/Lighting Engineer EDM-AE Services
Landscape Architect Cynthia Knauf Landscape Design Inc.
Geothermal Consultant Haley and Aldrich, Inc.
Commissioning Agent Cx-Associates
FP Engineer Chase Enginneering
Construction Team DEW Construction, Inc.

Ratings, Awards and Recognition

Other Awards:

2013 - Vermont's Greenest Commercial Building
LEED-Gold 2014

The renovated Bennington Superior Courthouse and State Office Building is now one of the healthiest and most energy efficient buildings in the state of Vermont. The vision for the project focused on the development of a healthy indoor work environment for state employees and a high-performing, energy-efficient building. The building addition was sited to improve the building orientation for energy and site connections, to create a more welcoming entry experience, to simplify courtroom circulation and operations and to minimize internal building volume. Lobby spaces and large public circulation corridors are located to the south to take advantage of the views to the nearby Bennington monument and minimize east and west glazing. With a competitive cost per square foot, and actual energy intensity numbers at only 26 kBtu/SF-yr, this building meets net-zero ready energy standards on a competitive budget.

Quick Facts


Location Bennington, VT
Building Type District courthouse and state office building
Project Type Zero Energy Ready / Near Zero Energy
Basis of Performance Claim Verified

Energy Summary

Energy Data Type Verified
Renewable Energy System Type(s) Photovoltaics

Envelope and Mechanicals

Subslab assembly

Retrofit - 3" new EPS insulation
New - 4" EPS insulation

Above grade wall assembly

4" polyiso rigid insulation