Professional Leadership Award

The NESEA Professional Leadership Award recognizes an individual who typifies exemplary professional practice coupled with exceptional humanity, and whose body of work has contributed to defining NESEA’s vision.


Nominees’ work must have had a meaningful impact on the professional practice of the NESEA community.

Selection Criteria

  • Is regarded as a leader in their professional field
  • Their concepts and ideas change how we think about and perform our work
  • Embodies methods of practice, and models aspects of being, that we aspire to ourselves
  • Is a whole systems thinker incorporating a multi-disciplinary approach to practice
  • Demonstrates the highest integrity and honesty
  • Is immensely generous in sharing their knowledge, skill, and experience
  • Is a clear thinker and communicator
  • Has profound curiosity which extends the boundaries of our shared knowledge
  • Has been transformative for practice through professional leadership
  • Continuing contribution to the vision of NESEA

Goals of this Award

  • Honor the contributions of a leader who’s career accomplishments reflect NESEA’s vision
  • Benefit the NESEA community by offering context and insight into the evolution of current best practices
  • Foster connection between members of the NESEA community at all stages of their careers
  • Reflect on NESEA’s commitment to supporting progressive leadership in the field


Following the presentation of this award the recipient will hold a roundtable discussion on a topic of their choosing open to the entire NESEA community in keeping with the goal of fostering connection and offering insight into the evolution of best practices.

Nomination Process

The entire NESEA community is invited to submit nominations, and then a committee composed of previous recipients of the Professional Leadership Award reviews and selects the recipient.

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