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NESEA Pro Tour Rhode Island Passive House

(Above) Rhode Island Passive House Pro Tour. Pro Tours are just one data and critital thinking driven program with community and network orientation that you support by donating to NESEA.

Donate to NESEA

NESEA is the region’s leading membership organization promoting sustainable energy practices in the built environment. Our work is vital. A Chilean poet said that “we are un-doing the future.” NESEA is un-doing that. NESEA helps do the future, and do it right. In the United States, the building sector accounts for nearly half of all energy consumption. It also produces nearly half of all greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest single contributor to climate change. To shape the built environment is to shape the future not only of our cities and towns, but also of our planet.

You support the people in the trenches

NESEA members are the architects, builders, installers, and others who are actively figuring out how to create a sustainable built environment—and actually building it. With NESEA, we have the infrastructure for collaboration that we need to connect with each other, learn from our successes and failures, and get the job done.

You fight greenwashing

A lot of people, services, and products are labeling themselves “green” these days. Greenwashing is anathema to us. NESEA is committed to practical solutions and proven results—as evidenced by our Zero Net Energy Building Award and programs like our BuildingEnergy conference and trade show.

You help raise awareness

How many people even know you can design a house that doesn’t need a heating system? In the Northeast! Or that our buildings can make as much or more energy than they consume? Through our Zero Net Energy Building Award and programs like our Green Buildings Open House, NESEA shows people what’s possible—and spurs the adoption of sustainable energy practices.

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1% for the Planet 

NESEA is a nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet, an international alliance of nearly 1,500 member companies that contribute 1 percent of their revenue to environmental causes. When you donate to us through 1%, you both support our mission and make a public statement about investing in the future of our planet. Please join this important effort—and choose NESEA for your 1 percent.

Check out NESEA’s full profile at The Giving Common.

Questions? Contact us. If you are already a donor, please contact us with any updates, or corrections so we can ensure the accuracy of our database and your preferences.

Donate to NESEA

Contribute to the region’s leading organization advancing the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment.

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Donate to the Kate Fund

In 2014, NESEA established the Kate Goldstein Award for Emerging Professionals in Sustainable Energy to honor Kate's legacy of leadership, innovation, and ingenuity.

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