2016 Annual Report

From NESEA's Executive Director, Jennifer Marrapese:

I am delighted to share with you NESEA’s “Triple Bottom Line” annual report.

For the uninitiated, the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) refers to an organization’s performance with respect to People, Planet, and Profit, the “three pillars of sustainability.” Historically, we’ve presented a more traditional annual reportone that contains a summary of each of our programs, with photos, relevant stats and member/attendee feedback, along with an overview of our financial performance for the year. Much of the information you’ve grown accustomed to reading still lives on our website, at nesea.org.  For the past two years, however, we’ve used a TBL lens to measure our performance.  I invite you to share your thoughts about our annual report format, and anything else that might help us better achieve our shared vision.

View the 2016 Annual Report