Bottom Lines Interactive Map

The Bottom Lines network is comprised of more than sixty companies. Each participating company is a member of one of six groups. Each of these groups, listed below, has a unique name and a designated facilitator (read about facilitators and Representatives here). You can use the interactive map below, color-coded by group, to learn more about the participating businesses. Each dot represents a company: you can click a dot to see the company name, contact information, website, description. To explore by group, click the top right of the map to expand the map in a new window.

Note: We update the participant map annually in July.


  Mighty Five, facilitated by Michael Bruss

  Open Matters, facilitated by John Abrams and Adrienne Stauffer

  Plan Bygg, facilitated by Paul Eldrenkamp & Shelia Perkins

  Silver Liners, facilitated by Paul Eldrenkamp & Shelia Perkins

  Team Flo, facilitated by Kate Stephenson

  Wolf Pack, facilitated by Jamie Wolf



Read an article by NESEA member Dan Kolbert on how participating in BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines has sharpened his business accumen and provided him with a critical network of peer support.

Watch NESEA member Brad Morse describe his career transition and how participation in NESEA's BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines program has helped in that process:



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There is space in the program for business members devoted to learning and sharing together. Learn more about the pricing and process for joining BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines. Questions? Contact Florence MacGregor at

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