Host a Pro Tour

Interested in Hosting a Pro Tour?


Below you can find an overview of eligibility, who does what in planning the event, and more information about the virtual and in-person formats. The 2022 series will run from March-December. Pro Tours always take place on Friday afternoons.

Please note: you are not required to have access to the project site on the day of a virtual tour. Most virtual Pro Tour speakers present from their home offices.

Please contact Florence MacGregor ( with any questions.


  • Proposals must be for high performance building projects, including buildings that will be either under construction or completed by the time we tour.

  • Projects must be located in NESEA's territory: the six New England States, plus New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

Who Does What?

  • The host provides content, expertise, and contact information for the project team members and vendors. The host will also provide learning objectives for CEUs.

  • NESEA staff handle the event logistics. We take care of promotion, registration, customer service for registrants, sponsor recruitment, accreditation, and we manage all of the technical aspects of the tour.

In-Person Format

In-person Pro Tours are half-day events that bring together multiple members of a project team to showcase their high performance building project. Our format allows for deep dives on specific aspects of the project and fosters connection between participants and speakers.

In-Person Pro Tours will always be held on Friday afternoons, 12:30-5:00pm.

Event Schedule


Doors open, registration, networking


Welcome by NESEA and series sponsors


Presentation from hosts, featuring detailed information about project


Tour of project begins: Attendees are split into small groups to complete a circuit of stations around the project site. Each station is hosted by a member of the project team who will speak about specific aspects of the project. The small groups of attendees rotate through the stations – all attendees get small group time with each speaker.

4:15 Q&A Panel with members of project team


Event concludes


The Virtual Format

We’ve developed a format that preserves the interactive, behind-the-scenes vibe of Pro Tours that have made them so popular with attendees, hosts, and sponsors throughout the region. Unlike a traditional webinar, attendees will come with their mics and cameras on: participants are able to see and hear other attendees, ask content experts questions directly, and meet new people in the NESEA community.

Virtual Pro Tours will always be held on Friday afternoons, 12:30-2:30pm.

Event Schedule


Event begins! Welcome from NESEA


Opening remarks from series sponsors


Project overview from host, preferably in the form of a featurette that includes video and host narration (you can watch an example, here). Alternatively, a slidedeck may be presented.


Breakout groups. Participants are split into virtual breakout discussion groups, each led by a member of the project team. Team members will go into depth about their specific work on the project. Speakers rotate through breakout rooms – all attendees get small group time with each speaker.


Participants all brought back as a full group for Q&A panel with all speakers


Event concludes


Our Mission

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