BuildingEnergy Boston Conference Sessions - Friday 9:00am

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Friday, March 9, 2018 - 9:00am
Session Title Session Speaker(s) Room / Location Areas of Focus
Getting Smarter about Smart Buildings

If you have difficulty getting ideas to move ahead quickly in your organization, this session is for you. We will share the journey to roll out a "smart building" controls system in the... Full Description


Mechanical systems & lighting


Smart Parking Design as a Climate Tool

Parking creates numerous environmental impacts, including excess energy consumption, urban heat island effect, stormwater runoff, traffic congestion, and pollution. This presentation will... Full Description

Harbor 1

Cities, Communities, Place

Beyond Energy*

Big Building Implications for Multifamily Passive House

This session will focus on applying Passivhaus/Passive House standards to large buildings: recent research on the impacts of tall buildings, from architectural enclosure detailing, mechanical... Full Description

Harbor 2

Building envelope

Design & Construction process


Mechanical systems & lighting

Deploying Post-Disaster Renewables

Months after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, much is unsure about the future of electricity there. We'll offer two perspectives on efforts to deploy renewables in the post-2017-... Full Description

Harbor 3


Cities, Communities, Place

Policy Updates: Net Metering and Fixed Charges in the Northeast

Fixed utility charges and net metering policy have a major impact on the economics of rooftop solar and energy efficiency. For a long time these issues were fairly static in the Northeast, but... Full Description

Marina 1


Policy & Codes

Thermal & Energy Analysis for Architects: Why, When, & How

Incorporating quantitative tools throughout each stage of the design process empowers architects to evaluate and understand the complex environmental implications of their design decisions and to... Full Description

Marina 2

Design & Construction process


Data-Driven Boiler System Design and Installation

New Ecology, Inc. (NEI) installed low-cost monitoring equipment in 103 multifamily buildings in Massachusetts to observe, track, and evaluate hydronic heating and domestic hot water (DHW)... Full Description

Marina 3

Mechanical systems & lighting

Green Gauges: A Design Methodology at Williams College

Williams College has established the goal of 35% campus wide carbon reduction of 1990 carbon emissions by 2020. In this session we will present the development of a methodology (i.e., Green Gauges... Full Description

Marina 4

Commercial & Institutional

Design & Construction process