BuildingEnergy Boston 2024 Session Recordings

We are pleased to offer you access to recordings of sessions from BuildingEnergy Boston 2024, free of charge. Enjoy, and keep an eye out for more great content as the year progresses!

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Sessions from Tuesday, March 19, 2024
Session Title Speakers
Tuesday Keynote — Climate Changed: What Will You Do When Your Project Floods?

In light of the catastrophic flooding which occurred throughout the Northeast region in 2023, we must challenge ourselves to confront the increased likelihood of extreme weather events and diminished water resilience that our projects now face.... Full Description and Video

Biomaterials: A Regional and Global Movement for Climate Justice and Resilience

Building with bio-based materials allow us to address the combined crises of climate change, biodiversity loss, and social inequity. Workforce development, housing access, regional supply chains, and sustainable food and forest systems are all... Full Description and Video

Resilience and Sustainable Design for Laboratories: Harvard Science and Engineering Complex Case Study

This session will present a case study of the 544,000 sf Harvard Science and Engineering Complex, one of the most sustainable and resilient buildings ever constructed. The project employed a highly integrated design process to satisfy the... Full Description and Video

Pretty Good Reno: The Greenest House Is an Existing House

An existing house represents an enormous amount of “up front” carbon that has already been committed. The more we can re-use it, the less carbon we are releasing per unit of housing. But when is enough enough? This session is about finding the... Full Description and Video

The Deep Energy Retrofit Controversy Revisited

Our window to avoid catastrophic climate change is closing. Existing buildings are one of the largest sources of emissions and among the hardest to decarbonize. At BuildingEnergy Boston 2023, Rachel advocated for “moderate” retrofits as a... Full Description and Video