BuildingEnergy Boston 2017 Speakers

Workshop Presenters

Rachelle Ain's pictureRachelle Ain

Robb Aldrich's pictureRobb Aldrich

Laura Bailey's pictureLaura Bailey

John Balfe's pictureJohn Balfe

Joseph da Silva's pictureJoseph da Silva

Ralph DiNola's pictureRalph DiNola

Oliver Klein's pictureOliver Klein

Gary Klein's pictureGary Klein

Bill Maclay's pictureBill Maclay

Stephany Mason's pictureStephany Mason

Christopher Schaffner's pictureChristopher Schaffner

Andy Shapiro's pictureAndy Shapiro

Neetu Siddarth's pictureNeetu Siddarth

Vipul Singh's pictureVipul Singh

Session Presenters

Rick Ames's pictureRick Ames
Next Phase Studios, Inc.

Amelia Amon's pictureAmelia Amon
Alt. Technica

Sean Anderson's pictureSean Anderson
MassMutual Financial Group

Steven Baczek's pictureSteven Baczek
Steven Baczek Architect

Todd Bairstow's pictureTodd Bairstow
Keyword Connects

Barbra Batshalom's pictureBarbra Batshalom
Sustainable Performance Institute (SPI)

Abbe Bjorklund's pictureAbbe Bjorklund
Dartmouth College

Chris Briley's pictureChris Briley

Michael Browne's pictureMichael Browne
Advanced Building Analysis, LLC

Steven Burke's pictureSteven Burke
Consigli Construction

Alex Carver's pictureAlex Carver
Northern Timbers Construction

Morgan Casella's pictureMorgan Casella
Dynamic Organics

Christopher Chamberland's pictureChristopher Chamberland
Berkshire Design Group, Inc.

Fred Davis's pictureFred Davis
Fred Davis Corporation

Michael Duclos's pictureMichael Duclos
Energy Efficiency Associates, LLC

Mick Dunn's pictureMick Dunn

Stephen Estes-Smargiassi's pictureStephen Estes-Smargiassi
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

David Farnsworth's pictureDavid Farnsworth
Regulatory Assistance Project

Ian Finlayson's pictureIan Finlayson
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

Dana Fischer's pictureDana Fischer
Mitsubishi Electric Trane HVAC US (METUS)

Martin Flusberg's pictureMartin Flusberg
Powerhouse Dynamics

David Foley's pictureDavid Foley
Holland & Foley Architecture, LLC

Betsy Glynn's pictureBetsy Glynn
BlueWave Solar

Ian Gordon's pictureIan Gordon
GroTec Builders

Ben Graham's pictureBen Graham
Gryphon Doors by New Frameworks

David Hall's pictureDavid Hall
Hall and Moskow

Doug Horgan's pictureDoug Horgan
BOWA Design Build Experts

Andy Hoskinson's pictureAndy Hoskinson
Center for Sustainable Energy

Joshua Jacobs's pictureJoshua Jacobs
Certified Building Analysis, LLC

Aaron James's pictureAaron James

Phil Kaplan's picturePhil Kaplan
Kaplan Thompson Architects

Isabel Kaubisch's pictureIsabel Kaubisch
Clarendon Hill Consulting

Declan Keefe's pictureDeclan Keefe

Peter Kelly-Detwiler's picturePeter Kelly-Detwiler
Northbridge Energy Partners

David Kelman's pictureDavid Kelman
Keller Williams Realty

Jim Kennerly's pictureJim Kennerly
Sustainable Energy Advantage

Katrin Klingenberg's pictureKatrin Klingenberg
Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

Jacob Knowles's pictureJacob Knowles
BR+A Consulting Engineers

Will Lauwers's pictureWill Lauwers
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

Doug Leaffer's pictureDoug Leaffer
Tufts University

Robert Leaver's pictureRobert Leaver
New Commons

Tom LeBoeuf's pictureTom LeBoeuf
Northeast Craftsmen Group

Daniel Levy's pictureDaniel Levy
Greenspring Building Systems

Lourdes Lopez's pictureLourdes Lopez
Boston Mayor’s Office of Environment, Energy and Open Space

Sean Mahoney's pictureSean Mahoney
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

Alejandra Menchaca's pictureAlejandra Menchaca
Thornton Tomasetti, Inc.

Parlin Meyer's pictureParlin Meyer
BrightBuilt Home

Rob Meyers's pictureRob Meyers
South Mountain Company

John Morris's pictureJohn Morris
D+R International

Fortunat Mueller's pictureFortunat Mueller
ReVision Energy

Danny Musher's pictureDanny Musher
Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

Galen Nelson's pictureGalen Nelson
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC)

Robin Neri's pictureRobin Neri
Steven Winter Associates, Inc.

Christopher Nielson's pictureChristopher Nielson
Bruner/Cott Architects, Inc.

Matthew O'Malia's pictureMatthew O'Malia
OPAL / Architecture Research Design

Todd Olinsky-Paul's pictureTodd Olinsky-Paul
Clean Energy States Alliance | Clean Energy Group

Paul Ormond's picturePaul Ormond
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

James Ortega's pictureJames Ortega
Passive House Institute US (PHIUS)

Emily Powers's pictureEmily Powers
Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER)

Susanne Rasmussen's pictureSusanne Rasmussen
City of Cambridge, Environmental and Transportation Planning Division

Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite's pictureCarolyn Sarno Goldthwaite
Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP)

Arah Schuur's pictureArah Schuur
Optimal Energy, Inc

Philip Smith's picturePhilip Smith
Existing Condition Surveys Inc.

John Straube's pictureJohn Straube
RDH Building Science Laboratories

Steven Strong's pictureSteven Strong
Solar Design Associates, LLC

Peter Sun's picturePeter Sun
City of Boston Inspectional Services

Erin Taylor's pictureErin Taylor
Green Energy Consumers Alliance

Jason Taylor's pictureJason Taylor
Byggmeister, Inc.

Jean Terwilliger's pictureJean Terwilliger
Vermont Integrated Architecture, PC

Jesse Thompson's pictureJesse Thompson
Kaplan Thompson Architects

Becca Trietch's pictureBecca Trietch
Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources

Kohta Ueno's pictureKohta Ueno
Building Science Corporation

Fred Unger's pictureFred Unger
Heartwood Group, Inc.

Drew Vernalia's pictureDrew Vernalia
Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

Ken Wertz's pictureKen Wertz
Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association

Brooks Winner's pictureBrooks Winner
Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)

Jamie Wolf's pictureJamie Wolf
Wolfworks Inc.