BuildingEnergy NYC 2024


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NESEA's BuildingEnergy NYC conference and trade show is a chance to immerse yourself in a full day of networking and intensive learning with your peers from the fields of design, construction, engineering, policy, finance, and beyond. This unique event is designed by and for our community of practitioners, ensuring that the content is useful, relevant, and on the leading edge. Conference sessions feature best practices and lessons learned from real case studies and proven data, as well as showcasing innovative technologies and programs. If you are a building sustainability professional in any stage of your pleae join us on Thursday, October 24, 2024 in New York City!

Who Attends

BuildingEnergy NYC attendees are leaders and emerging professionals from across the Northeast, committed to developing a more sustainable, healthy, and resilient built environment. They represent a wide range of industries, backgrounds, and levels of experience.

2024 Conference Theme: Beyond Compliance

The urgency of climate change demands bold action, innovation, and transformative leadership. In recent years, New York and the Northeast have led the country through groundbreaking changes to building codes, energy codes, and financial incentives to support climate adaptation across all sectors. Today, we have an opportunity to push our industry to achieve and even exceed these ambitious mandates. The 2024 BuildingEnergy NYC conference will be a chance to explore both the risks and rewards of moving Beyond Compliance.

At this year’s conference, we challenge you to share your experiences, successes, and setbacks with projects and programs that exceed the bare minimum and innovate on existing practices. We need to be thinking beyond compliance both in terms of scope (What else?) and time (What next?). This holistic approach encompasses the intersections of health, efficiency, resilience, and financial benefits, and prioritizes the needs of people while addressing the climate crisis.