BuildingEnergy NYC 2017 Sessions - 1:30

1:30 pm
Session Title Session Speaker(s) Areas of Focus
Mind the Gaps: Post-Occupancy Discoveries from Data and Operational Perspectives

There’s a perception gap between what we think we’ll get out of high-performance design and construction and what completed buildings deliver. This session looks at the issue from two perspectives... Full Description

High Performance Building

Scale It Up: How NYC Agencies Will Reach 80x50

New York City’s OneNYC goals to reach 80% reduction of carbon emissions by 2050 are ambitious. Perhaps even more ambitious are the city agencies’ strategies to achieve this goal. Come hear the... Full Description


Transforming Affordable Housing: Mid-Rise Passive House Retrofits with Residents in Place

RBSCC and the Chris Benedict R.A. team continue their groundbreaking partnership in an 12-building 264-unit renovation of existing affordable housing to the PHIUS standard. Residents will remain... Full Description

Energy Strategies: Multifamily

Passive House

Solar + Storage, Microgrid BeaUtilities

Combining clean energy production and storage creates a new distributed generation paradigm, the interconnected microgrid. These mini-utilities are being integrated into communities for increased... Full Description


Resiliency & Sustainability

The Next Step in Benchmarking: Building Analytics, Big Data and Improved Efficiencies

As detailed building consumption data becomes more readily available, what are the ‘next-level’ questions that we can ask to make buildings operate more efficiently? The dynamics of historically... Full Description

Codes & Standards

Energy Strategies: Multifamily


Building Products of the Future: Where Are We Heading?

New Yorkers are used to the noise of a construction crew in full swing. While those sounds remain the same, industry demands and requirements of today’s building products are changing rapidly, as... Full Description

High Performance Building