BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines Facilitator Job Description & Application

BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines, the highly successful and engaging peer network program launched in April of 2014, is preparing to extend its reach. To accomplish this we are in search of the next generation of network facilitator managers.

The qualifications for this role include experience leading or managing a business, leading and engaging participatory groups, listening and communication skills, and an understanding of and commitment to the goals of BE Bottom Lines. Interested applicants should familiarize themselves with the program here.

The definition of facilitate is "to make easy" or "ease a process." What a facilitator does is plan, guide, and manage group events to ensure that the group's objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation, and full buy-in from everyone who is involved.

Required Experience and Skills:

  • An experienced planner and guide
  • Management experience and capability
  • Clarity of purpose and the ability to maintain focus
  • Social skills that encourage participation and engagement
  • Listening and communication skills
  • The ability to lead a group (while remaining a neutral participant)
  • The ability to design and refine a successful group process (establish and manage an agenda)
  • Commitment to the organization (including membership)

Additional Recommended Qualities:

  • Personal experience with the peer network process
  • Several decades of business experience
  • A fundamental fascination with the mechanics of operating a business
  • Aspirations to see businesses serve people, planet, and profit
  • Demonstrated capacity to lead NESEA programs that serve its community
  • Shared collaborative experience
  • Commitment to the development and growth of the program

Facilitators Should Expect to:

  • Guide a group of 8-10 businesses and their leaders who have made the commitment to join and participate in a Bottom Lines Network
  • Be personally familiar with each member of the network, their interests in participating, and their expectations of the group
  • Prepare group and its members for two 2-day gatherings at network host locations in the Northeast, including specific roles and responsibilities for each member at that meeting (including host companies)
  • Engage members in establishing the purposes and agendas for each meeting
  • Develop leadership capacities of each member in service to their enterprise and operation of the network
  • Ensure that members are responsibly engaged in the network experience online and in person
  • Align the activities of the network with the organizational intentions of BE Bottom Lines to develop "whole" businesses that serve people, planet, and profit
  • Manage operational resources and activities that support the network in coordination with NESEA staff
  • Represent BEBL and the network as a participant on the Steering Committee


Bottom Lines Facilitators are paid $10k annually to perform these functions. Facilitators are responsible for all personal expenses related to performing this role including food, travel, and lodging at network events and organizational activities.

Application Process

  • Complete the online application to establish qualification for the position, including a short essay intended to evaluate understanding of the program and ability to communicate effectively in writing
  • Phone interview with two members of the BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines Steering Committee
  • Selected candidates will participate in a final in-person interview

After being selectedand before leading a networknew Bottom Lines facilitators will monitor existing networks, attend a network gathering, and enter into a mentoring relationship with a current facilitator.


Please contact Miriam Aylward at or call her at 413-774-6051 x14.


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