BuildingEnergy Magazine RFP: Fall 2018 Issue

Fall 2018

BuildingEnergy magazine is curated, authored, and peer-reviewed by members of the NESEA community. Proposals for articles will be vetted by the Editorial Committee, which is comprised of NESEA members and staff.  The theme for the fall 2018 issue has yet to be determined; it will emerge as the Editorial Committee looks for common threads across submissions.

Articles will be chosen based on content, fit, and theme. If you are interested in participating in the process by contributing as an author, we'd like to hear from you. As a reminder, content for the magazine must be vendor neutral and commercial free.

For consideration for the Fall 2018 issue, submissions are due by Monday, April 30.

You can send questions to


Most articles that appear in BuildingEnergy magazine, such as case studies, are peer-reviewed. If your article is likely to require peer review (if it is more data-driven than opinion or op-ed), do you have any suggestions for people who might serve as peer reviewers? If so, please provide their names and contact information (if available). If you don't have suggestions, feel free to skip this question.

Names and contact information of potential peer reviewer(s).