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NESEA Night Awards 2019

by Jennifer Marrapese

12/28/2018 - 16:38

I have some exciting news to share! This year we’ll be giving two awards at NESEA Night to recognize and celebrate the contributions of two people in our community - a longstanding award for a longstanding contributor, and a new award for a relative newcomer that shows great promise.

First, as we’ve been doing for the past 25 years, we will be honoring a NESEA Member with the Distinguished Service Award. This award recognizes a NESEA Member who has made a significant contribution of time and service to the organization. Click here to see the esteemed group of NESEA Members who have been honored in the past.

Second, and new this year, we will recognize a rising star within our community through the first-ever Kate Goldstein Emerging Leader Award. This award will recognize a newer member of our community - somebody who best exemplifies the life and legacy of Kate Goldstein, a former NESEA Board Member and Lifetime Member whose life was cut short by a tragic accident in India in 2014.

We believe it is important for NESEA’s awards to represent the diversity and richness of our community, to honor our history, and celebrate our future. With these two awards, we recognize both the longtime pioneers who have shaped the organization and the next generation of high-performance building leaders who will keep NESEA strong and relevant in the future.

You can learn more about these awards and submit nominations by clicking here. Nominations are due by January 25. Thank you!

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Our Mission

NESEA advances the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment by cultivating a community where practitioners share, collaborate and learn.

Jennifer takes care of the big picture: How do we make NESEA’s multidisciplinary network of practitioners bigger and better? She works with the board of directors and the membership to establish NESEA’s strategy and to ensure that the members and their staff have the resources to execute it. She practices a philosophy of openness and collaboration. She’s known for her strategic sense and for her ability to forge strong partnerships among staff teams and collaborators alike.

Before joining NESEA, Jennifer served as vice president of regulatory affairs for Cox Communications and as...

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