Passive House in the Real World

Passive House in the Real World

Tuition: $195. Rolling admission.

Spend four weeks with certified Passive House Consultant Mike Duclos, learning how to apply Passive House principles in the real world. With a brief nod to theory and computation, this course will mainly focus on tips, tricks, pitfalls, and what to expect when making Passive House a reality. Through case studies, videos, readings, quizzes, and Mike’s guidance you will enhance your ability to be a part of a Passive House project team, the most vital component of any successful Passive House project. 

Through the lens of existing Passive House projects, expect to learn:

  • How to pitch and promote the PH standard to stakeholders

  • Considerations for client management in PH

  • Budget evaluation and the feasibility of affordable PH

  • How to evaluate the pros and cons of casement, fixed and tilt and turn windows, and other PH considerations

  • Site evaluation examples, tips and tricks

  • Common pitfalls to avoid before, during and after PH design and construction

  • Avoiding common Passive House problems: thermal bridging, critters, moisture control, ventilation, etc.

  • Climate considerations and implications

  • How to assemble, manage and optimize your project team

  • Identifying and minimizing project schedule risks


Mike Duclos