Residential Design/Build Architect


Wolfworks Inc.


Avon, CT

BE OUR ARCHITECT! What kind of architect are you? We ask, because this is an opportunity to step into and play a significant role in leading a mature design/build practice with an established and awarded reputation for crafting high performance new homes and residential remodels in central CT. Homes that aim to redefine what makes a good home great. We are responding to an increasing demand for homes like these, the ones we have become adept at designing and building.

If this is you, you believe in domesticity. You love crafting homes. You strive to understand and give form to a right-sized chapter in what's enough, no more and no less, for the folks who have arrived at your door seeking guidance in their here and now, even as what they need is shaped by what comes next.

If this is you, you are fundamentally skilled in the practice of architecture. But more especially in our practice, you are attuned  to the ways it not only serves our client, but the ways in which it provides clarity to everyone we depend on to show up and construct what has been designed. What you design, your colleagues build. There is a directness and satisfying intimacy in this practice. This is Design/Build.

If this is you, you recognize the necessity of designing homes that not only look great, work well, and feel good to be in, but are technically accomplished to perform. This performance assures exceptional comfort, health, durability, and energy security. This performance integrates renewables to achieve a net zero energy result. This performance seeks a net positive carbon balance. These homes are not perpetuating the problem. They are part of the solution.

If this is you, you are a collaborator. You are self motivated and self managing. You don't wait around to be told what to do. You embrace our shared mission and contribute your imagination and experience to what is, by design, a shared endeavor. You want to show up for this journey with folks like you; devoted, accomplished, and experienced professionals who are all in. In short: you're one of us.

If this is you, take the time to get acquainted with our practice. Then complete our initial online survey and share who you are and why the time is right for you to align with us to become our architect. If this truly turns out to be you, we're eager to begin working together.

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