Employee Retention: Systems for Success

We all know that employee turnover is expensive: through lost knowledge and productivity, the cost and time of hiring and training, and the risk of overworking the other members of your team. During this interactive workshop we will have an opportunity to learn from each other on what has worked - and hasn't - in building strong, resilient teams by keeping employees happy, productive, and engaged. Topics we will cover and questions we will ask include:

  • Job Descriptions: How can we construct clear, yet flexible job descriptions that accurately describe our companies' cultures and the expectations of and compensation for the job?
  • Evaluation: How do we evaluate candidates through resume reviews, interviews, and on-the-job training?
  • Onboarding: How can we structure the first few days for a new employee to set them up for success?
  • Review process: Is a probationary period a helpful tool? After that, how often should a review happen and what should it include?
  • Benefits: What is the industry standard and what can set us apart and help to attract excellent employees?
  • Offboarding: What can we do when an employee leaves to make the transition as smooth as possible?
  • Firing: What can we do when an employee isn't working out? How can we minimize the impact on the morale of the rest of the team?

CEU information: 3.0 AIA; 3.0 BPI; 3.0 MA-CSL Business Practices; USGBC not available

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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