Bottom Lines: Business Development Program Roundtable

Event Date: 

Thursday, May 27, 2021





Join speakers from 5 companies who participate in NESEA’s Bottom Lines business development program for this lunchtime discussion. You'll learn how these companies have navigated challenges and opportunities with the support of the Bottom Lines network and learn how participation in Bottom Lines might benefit your business.

NESEA has long been a community in which practitioners help each other design and construct better buildings by sharing experiences of what worked and — often even more importantly — what didn’t work. The Bottom Lines program extends that practice to designing and building better businesses, using a peer-coaching model.

The program serves a network of over 60 companies organized into 6 groups, collectively representing hundreds of people and over $100 million in revenue. These companies are bound by their commitment to improving their triple bottom line (people, planet, profits).  There are currently a limited number of openings in the program, expected to be filled in June, and this informal event is designed to give you a taste of the Bottom Lines experience.

Topics will include:

  • How being part of the network has changed owners' approaches to their businesses

  • Peer-coaching as a system for support and accountability

  • Success stories from the program

  • How these businesses were impacted by the pandemic and how they responded, with support from the network

  • Lessons learned and steps they’ve taken to be more resilient in the future 

  • More information about the structure of the program

  • Q&A with the panelists 


Steve Silverman, Valley Home Improvement
Dave Boettcher, Abode Energy Management
Jeff Stacy, Mighty Roots
Heather Thompson, Thompson Johnson Woodworks
Nathaniel May, Aurora Custom Builders, Inc.

Contact Florence MacGregor, Program Director, at with any questions about this event or to learn more about joining this program.


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