Deadline: BuildingEnergy Boston 2022 Request for Proposals

The call for proposals has closed! Thank you to all who submitted proposals for consideration.

Call for Proposals
October 5 - November 1
Review Period
November 3 - December 16
Notification of Status
December 2021

2022 Conference Theme: Who’s In?

A sustainable future is possible for the planet and the people who live here, but only with massive, collective, urgent action. With that challenge before us, our theme for this year’s BuildingEnergy Boston conference is: Who’s In?

Who's in? Who is committed to taking the urgent actions needed to curb the effects of climate change?
Bring us your actionable lessons and roadmaps you've employed to generate real savings and create real change today.

Who's in? Who is the next generation of building and energy professionals?
Demonstrate and share your tactics for driving innovative training, elevating workforce development, and catalyzing the pipeline of skilled, diverse, and committed emerging professionals.

Who's in? And who is still missing?  Who continues to be left out of our work, and how do we bring these important voices to the table?
Share your strategies  that address justice, equity, and inclusion, particularly ones that reach across historic boundaries to center the voices of those who have been marginalized or left out of the sustainability field.

Are you in?

About the Review Process

BuildingEnergy Boston will take place February 28–March 1, 2022. The deadline to submit your conference session proposal is Monday, November 1, 2021. Please use this planning sheet to prepare your proposal before submitting.

Proposals will be reviewed and vetted by a volunteer committee of NESEA members to ensure that conference sessions are data-driven, diverse, and genuinely useful to attendees. Successful proposals:

  • Feature sustainable and high-performance building practices, solutions, or governance.
  • Present innovative material and ideas.
  • Have rich data to support claims.
  • Avoid focusing on specific, proprietary products or services.
  • Describe learning from mistakes as well as from successes.
  • Are designed to actively engage attendees in dialogue.
  • Include diverse speakers and panelists.
  • Are comprehensive and complete upon submission.

You must log in or create a account to create a proposal (membership is not required). This allows you to save your proposal as a draft and come back to work on it as often as you like before submitting. NESEA does not provide compensation or reimburse expenses for speakers.

Questions? Speaker suggestions? Want to talk over a proposal idea before submitting? Contact Ben Sachs-Hamilton, Conference Manager, at