Kurt Teichert

Congratulate Kurt!


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Kurt, you're the best! May we get a chance this summer to spin the pedals together.

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Nice work Kurt, keep up the great work!

I'm looking forward to congratulating you in person at next year's conference, Kurt.

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Congratulations, Kurt! This one is LONG overdue to you! 

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Congratulations Kurt!  Hope we'll have a chance to see each other soon!

Congratulations, Kurt!

Kurt, You are and will always be MC Kurt and NESEA Night will hopefully ever be your stage, though that is just the annual touchpoint where most of us are cheered and encouraged by you. This award is a tribute to the deeper and longer devotion you have made to the NESEA community and especially, nurturing generations of emerging members. Thanks for all you do, have done, and I'm certain will contribute to more of the same. Looking forward to seeing the mic back in your hand next year!

Congratulations, Kurt! You are an inspiration to us all!

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"I just go to NESEA Conferences" -- love it! Congratulations Kurt, well-deserved! 

Congratulations, Kurt! You are an inspiration to us all!

Kurt, thanks for your dedication and commitment to NESEA, and your support of young professionals joining our industry. You've always been such a welcoming face at the BE Boston conferences.

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Congratulations Kurt! your words -& example of humility- go further than you know

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Kurt, well deserved my friend. Thanks for your committment to NESEA and all things environmental and sustainable. I'm just bummed that, during the pandemic, we didn't get the chance to sit next to eachother on the train from PVD to BOS and tell lies. Keep up the great work!

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Wat to go, Kurt!  Congratulations!  Fun to hear about your work trajectory in your acceptance.Best,Bart 

Kurt - there's always this little niggling fear that a distinguished service award means you are done. I know that's not true with this NESEA award, also becasue of your spirit, engagement, and vision for our shared future. Thank you for your exceptional work to-date!

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Congratulations, Kurt, and thank you for your decades of service, mentoring, inspiration, and leadership. May you keep working, playing, and co-learning for a long time to come.

Kurt:Congratulation! And welcome to a group dedicated individuals who have learned countless pearls of wisdom by sharing successes and failures. NESEA is a learning community, and you bring a dedication to sharing with your students and the NESEA community.   While you were able to avoid running NESEA night, I for one look forward to you, face to face next year at NESEA night.All the best,Henry Vandermark, 2003PS. The Distinguished Service Award is not a Lifetime achievement award. We know you have many years ahead of you and believe you are the type of person who will continue to help shape NESEA future. So, thanks for all your contributions, past and future.  


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