Peter Talmage

In Memoriam: 

Friday, February 8, 2019

The NESEA community mourns the passing of Peter Talmage on Febuary 8, 2019. Peter was a longtime and active NESEA Member. He was a faculty member at Greenfield Community College where he taught in the Renewable Energy Department and a former member of the Northfield Energy Committee.

Fred Davis's picture

 Pete Talmage was always ahead of the curve as far as I was concerned. He and I knew each other over many years, not well, but there was always a professional, mutual, admiration. He'd be in touch every now and again, checking in for his company and for various venues and ventures that he participated in, between Massachusetts and Maine. Always wanting to move things ahead in energy efficiency. Back in 2005 he was pushing for decent dimmable decorative flame-shaped CFLs -- a challenging niche -- for a chandelier at a private school. The latest project was emblematic. His new town had been one of the earliest to go ahead with conversion to LED streetlights, saving a lot of energy, in 2013. When he moved there a couple of years later, he wanted better color and less glare. Because efficiency had improved, and costs had come down, and there were responsibly-lower-output options, there actually was now a decent case to make to recommend early replacement. Replacing LED with LED is a radical concept when so many other municipalities are still struggling to get going at all. But he was just the champion to chase it down and perhaps get it done. I was concerned when I stopped hearing from him ... now where does Pete's departure leave us? The world needs more folks pushing the envelope... we miss you Pete!

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