Conference Chair Job Description

Leadership Team
The Leadership Team is the top advisory group for conference decisions. It comprsises:

  • 2 Chairs and 2 Vice Chairs: Responsible for content, overall vision
  • NESEA Staff (Program Director, Conference Manager): Responsible for logistics, including budget tracking, communication with venue, registration, marketing.

Chair & Vice Chair Responsibilities

Chairs hold the following responsibilities. Vice-Chairs observe, assist as needed, and become Chairs the following year.

  • Attend bi-weekly meetings (video-call)
  • Work with NESEA staff to identify and invite Content Committee members
  • Work with NESEA staff to identify keynote speakers
  • Lead/facilitate conference planning meetings (Open Planning, Content Committee meetings)
  • Support NESEA staff efforts on sponsorship solicitation, marketing, exhibit sales, and public relations (e.g. offer contacts, review, make a few key calls)
  • Review and finalize decisions by Content Committee
  • Build the session schedule
  • Work closely with NESEA staff and Curators to ensure on-time delivery of content
  • Take on the role of co-host of the conference

Ideal Conference Chair Skills and Attributes

  • Sees the value of NESEA’s mission and has a vision for the conference
  • Has time to commit to this project, has relatively independent control over their schedule, and can be available to NESEA staff when critical decisions need to be made
  • Strong organizing, meeting facilitation, and people skills
  • Has content knowledge (what’s strategic, compelling, “edgy”) and wide professional network

How Much Time Will It Take?

  • Bi-weekly, 1-hour video-meetings; weekly meetings month before conference
  • Some meetings will require follow-up work, average 3 hours/month
  • Three larger meetings:
    • Open Planning Meeting (online)
    • 2 Content Committee meetings (one online and one in person)
  • Occasional ad hoc meetings, such as to review and make final decisions on conference content


Our Mission

NESEA advances sustainability practices in the built environment by cultivating a cross-disciplinary community where practitioners are encouraged to share, collaborate and learn.