Lead Carpenter


Kolbert Building


Portland, ME

Active NESEA Member needs another Lead Carpenter! We are looking to replace our lead carpenter in August or September. Solid carpentry skills, able to run small to medium sized jobs with 1-2 other carpenters. Building science knowledge a plus, but an interest is a must. See Kolbert Building's listing here: https://linktr.ee/Kolbert

About Kolbert Building

Dan Kolbert Building & Renovations specializes in bringing new  technology and techniques to our work, whether it is restoring historic homes or new construction. Our building practices are environmentally conscientious, and we adhere to the following guidelines:

  • We use building materials and supplies efficiently, and choose durable and sustainable products;
  • We respect our clients’ homes and realize that living through a renovation is stressful;
  • We build thoughtfully, to maximize energy efficiency and make homes both useful and beautiful to their occupants;
  • We contain our dust (and mess) with specialized machinery and careful isolation of the work area;
  • We plan our projects carefully, preparing the work site thoroughly prior to starting demolitions.

We understand that every client needs something different from us, but that all of them rely on our judgment and expertise. We use trusted, experienced subcontractors who share our views to assist us in the completion of our projects.