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A Message to NESEA Members

by Lauren Moss

Miriam Aylward
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dear NESEA Members,

NESEA’s mission is to cultivate a community of practitioners who share, collaborate, and learn. The community that we aspire to build is one that is inclusive, accessible, and equitable. It will be achieved by acknowledging privilege, exploring blind spots, and engaging in important and sometimes uncomfortable conversations.

We stand in solidarity with those across the country demanding justice. Racism has no place in our community or in our world.

The building industry and NESEA are not immune from what we are seeing. We know that not everyone feels invited or even safe to pursue careers in high-performance building and design or to engage in our community. We acknowledge that we still have a lot of work to do.

We recognize the ways in which the building industry is interconnected with the greater struggle for equality and how people who have been denied their most basic needs for life and security for generations cannot and should not be expected to remain silent in the face of continued violence.

We ask everyone in our community to join us in committing to educating ourselves and one another, engaging in conversation, and cultivating a truly inclusive community of practitioners who share, collaborate, and learn.

Miriam Aylward & Lauren Brust Moss
NESEA Executive Director & Board Chair

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Our Mission

NESEA advances the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment by cultivating a community where practitioners share, collaborate and learn.

Lauren Brust Moss is the program director of the NORESCO Sustainability Services New York City office Lauren joined NORESCO after seven years with another New York City-based energy and sustainability consulting firm. As program director of commercial building energy services, Lauren managed a team that provided commissioning energy audit services on more than thirty million square feet of commercial space for both new construction and existing buildings.

Lauren is also a part of the Urban Green Council speakers bureau (an active resource of New York City's U.S. Green Building...

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Miriam joined NESEA in 2014 after completing a Masters of Business Administration at Antioch University New England. She most recently held the position of Program Director at NESEA prior to her appointment as Executive Director in 2019. Before joining the NESEA team, she worked as a project manager at the Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, ran an event planning business in Montana, and led backpacking trips in Wyoming and Utah.

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