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Year Two of NESEA's Capacity Campaign!

by Rob Meyers

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

As a Board Member and Chair of the Development Committee, I am pleased to announce the launch of Year 2 of NESEA’s Capacity Campaign!

NESEA launched the Capacity Campaign in 2017 to support our operating budget and help us fulfill the promise of our strategic plan. Over the past year we raised almost $90,000 through this campaignalmost triple what we raise in a typical year. We engaged 148 donors, 52 of whom were new donors. Many of our long-time donors, including 100% of our current Board members, stepped up in a big way, pledging double, triple or even quadruple their previous donations.

As we move into the second year of the campaign, we will continue to expand our work and impact, and we hope to engage many more donors. Read more about what your support can help NESEA achieve in Year 2 and beyond!

NESEA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and strives to keep programming affordable and accessible. Your charitable donation helps close the funding gap and ensure that everyone can benefit from this valuable content and community.

And with so many ways to give, it’s easier than ever to do your part. You can make a gift online right now. You can also set up a recurring gift onlinea monthly or quarterly payment automatically deducted from your credit or debit card, just like the one you likely do for NPR, PBS, etc. I’ve already taken advantage of this convenient option and encourage you to do the same.

I donate to NESEA because I value the opportunity to connect with and learn from this fantastic community of dedicated professionals. To me, it’s an investment with incredible returns. So please, join me in supporting NESEA’s important work by making a donation in Year 2 of the Capacity Campaign!

Rob Meyers
Capacity Campaign Chair


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Our Mission

NESEA advances the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment by cultivating a community where practitioners share, collaborate and learn.

After 13 years of desperately trying to be a carpenter, Rob's peers at South Mountain company finally got him out of their hair when he shifted from the field to the office in an energy services & product sales role five years ago. As it turns out, swinging a spread-sheet is a better fit for him (and his peers) than swinging a hammer. Rob has no formal building science education, but relies on an inquisitiveness that is rivaled by only the most tenacious three-year old ('Why? Why? Why?') and the good fortune of being able to pester both John Abrams & Marc Rosenbaum...

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