Endowment Fund

The Endowment Fund

NESEA’s Endowment Fund is designed to provide lasting support for program development that supports NESEA's vision, especially for programs that otherwise would not have funding.

The Board of Directors has established a policy by which only a portion of the dividends may be used in a given year with the intention of securing the Endowment Fund in perpetuity as a sustainable financial asset for the organization. The Fund is managed by JPS Global Investments, and the account is focused on a stock of green companies judged by the advisor to have a net positive effect on the environment.

A Donor Story

Longtime NESEA Member Bruce Coldham is among the first people to make a commitment to our planned giving campaign, Read below to learn more about why Bruce is choosing to include NESEA in his legacy:

"For a couple of years now (at least) I have been thinking that my last hurrah for NESEA would be to help establish an Endowment Fund, and that my contribution would be to talk to all of my NESEA elder colleague/friends about making a provision in their wills to leave some amount to the organization. But first, I have to make my own planned giving commitment. In my case, we decided to gift a certain percentage of our total assets to NESEA, which we didn’t realize was an option before exploring a legacy gift. That allows for Mary and/or me secure long-term care in nursing home care without our kids fearing that we will run out because we committed funds to a charity of our choosing. That makes it comfortable for my family and also gives NESEA a sense of what might be coming its way, and therefore enable it to chart its future planning accordingly.

From my standpoint I am thinking that all that effort that we put in to building a bridge to European practice in the 90’s and aughts (when Europe had so much to offer) would have been so much easier if we had had something like this — an unrestricted revenue inflow that could have been committed to getting luminaries like Joachim Eble to our conferences. Having a fund that can be regularly and reliably deployed to bring inspiring people into our midst is unimaginably valuable to me."


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Our Mission

NESEA advances sustainability practices in the built environment by cultivating a cross-disciplinary community where practitioners are encouraged to share, collaborate and learn.