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About the Capacity Campaign

NESEA’s mission is to advance the adoption of sustainable energy practices in the built environment by cultivating a community where practitioners share, collaborate, and learn. We strive to keep our programming as affordable as possible to those who need it, which means that often we don’t cover our costs. You can help us close the gap through your donation to our Capacity Campaign.

NESEA launched its first-ever Capacity Campaign in October 2017 to support our operating budget and to help us fulfill the promise of our strategic plan. In year one, we raised almost $90,000 through this campaign - less than our ambitious $130,000 target, but almost triple what we raise in a typical year. We engaged 148 donors, 52 of whom were new donors. Many of our long-time donors, including 100% of our current Board members, stepped up in a big way, pledging double, triple or even quadruple their previous donations.

Why Now?

With unprecedented involvement from our community, we have recently completed a five-year strategic plan, which provides a clear roadmap of priorities and goals moving forward. Funds raised through the Capacity Campaign will enable us to follow through on these thoughtfully developed plans and ensure access to all those who can benefit from our work and content.

What Your Gift Will Do

As we move into the second and third years of our Capacity Campaign, we will continue to expand our work and impact. Here are some examples of what your investment might support:

  • Piloting a BuildingEnergy Pro Tour series to meet specific needs within our community (ex. A dedicated NYC series or a series on healthy buildings)
  • Expanding current programs to serve more diverse communities (ex. Recruiting minority and women-owned businesses to participate in BuildingEnergy Bottom Lines)
  • Offering more opportunities for emerging professionals to engage with, teach and learn from seasoned NESEA professionals through career forums and meet ups
  • Establishing a NESEA archive at the University of Massachusetts to ensure that NESEA’s rich history is preserved for future generations
  • Providing professional development to staff to enhance their skills and increase retention

We plan to keep most of these Capacity Campaign funds as a reserve within our operating budget. This will provide increased flexibility to respond to our membership and the market, to take calculated risks, and to act on opportunities as they arise. Keeping in line with NESEA values regarding transparency, we will report to members regularly on how Capacity Campaign funds are being used.

Looking to the Future

NESEA has a rich history of facing challenges head on and working together to find solutions. For over four decades, we have cultivated a community that makes a difference in the lives of individual practitioners in the professional fields our members represent and in the greater environmental landscape.

We invite you to help us write the next chapter in our story. Thank you for your support!

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Thank You to Our Sustaining Donors

The following individuals and businesses have committed to support NESEA for the next two years of our Capacity Campaign. If you are interested in becoming a sustaining donor, please contact Miriam Aylward at or 413-774-6051 ext. 14.


Thank You to Our Lead Donors

377 Builders
Graphite Studio
Mighty Roots
Abode Energy Management
Nancy Hazard
Rountree Architects
Andrew Sidford Architects, PC
Max Horn
Sparhawk Group
Baukraft Engineering
Jennifer & Newell Isbell Shinn
Betsy Stefany
Anonymous Contributions
Kevin Browne Architecture
Steveworks, LLC
Cotuit Solar, LLC
Dan Kolbert
Mary Swedlund
Decumanus Green Design/Build, Inc.
Laura & Gil Richardson
Taggart Construction, Inc.
E2 Solar, Inc.
Warren Leon
Peter Temple
George Penniman Architects, LLC
Mira Lieman-Sifry
Truth Box, Inc.
Betsy Glynn
Maine Passive House, LLC
Kohta Ueno
John Gordon
Mary Quigley & Mollie Babize
Gotham 360


"I have made wonderful connections through my years attending BuildingEnergy Boston and know that it is one of the largest contributing factors in my company’s success.  Year after year we continue to see increases in business opportunities brought to us through our NESEA relationships. I am extremely humbled and proud to be able to be the first sustaining donor to the Capacity Campaign. I feel as though it’s the only way to truly show my gratitude for an organization that has welcomed me personally and supported my professional efforts in such a meaningful way." Read more...

-Kris Brill, Pinnacle Window Solutions

"I remember walking around at my first BuildingEnergy conference and listening to conversations that felt over my head, but also empowering. I knew right away I was among an extremely dedicated and hardworking community.  As a NESEA member, the personal and professional connections I have made have been extremely valuable in my pursuit of knowledge for creating better homes and efficient buildings.

It’s time to give back to the community that has given me so much. There’s no better time than now."

-Mira Lieman-Sifry, Assistant Civil Engineer, NV5

"In early 1979, I attended the Second Annual Conference on Energy-Conserving Solar-Heated Greenhouses, sponsored by the New England Solar Energy Association (yup, that’s the original name behind the acronym). I got so much more than information - I found a community... The NESEA connection I made almost 40 years ago has been the backbone of my practice as we have learned and practiced together." Read more...

-Marc Rosenbaum, South Mountain Company

"We began the campaign by asking our most dedicated supporters to step up and lead this effort. And boy did they answer! We received over $50,000 in lead donations, far surpassing our goal for this initial phase of the campaign. (This is already significantly more than NESEA typically receives in gifts for the entire year!) We are so grateful to these lead donors, many of whom doubled or even tripled their previous gift amount.

This is a sign that our campaign messaging is resonating with our members and shows the great groundwork that has been laid over the years in the NESEA community. I am encouraged by the results, and hope you are too!" Read more...

-NESEA Capacity Campaign Chair Rob Meyers, South Mountain Company


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NESEA advances sustainability practices in the built environment by cultivating a cross-disciplinary community where practitioners are encouraged to share, collaborate and learn.