Climate Justice Is Social Justice: How We Win

We need to win! We are faced with the mortal challenge of saving ourselves and our planet in a short handful of years. To address such a complex problem as human-driven climate change, we need complex thinking that integrates people and the planet. Climate justice is a framework that foregrounds the intersectionality of our movements for an ecological response like green building, with our movements towards more just social relationships and institutions. This panel highlights the work of green building and renewable energy professionals working at the intersection of Climate Resilience and Social Justice. Our panelists are passionate, intelligent change-makers. They are working on climate change solutions while centering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the daily practice of their businesses and organizations.

This panel will be facilitated by Mel Baiser and Ace McArleton.

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Event Time: 

Friday, August 14, 2020 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Room / Location:
Marina I

Experience Level: 

1 (no prior experience/knowledge needed)

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Learning Objectives:

  • Define climate justice and explain how the work to slow climate change will be advanced with a social justice lens
  • Describe concrete examples of how organizations engaged and retained a diverse workforce in green building and renewable energy companies, and Implement new hiring and retention strategies
  • Explain how to connect, educate, and simplify energy-efficient opportunities for most-impacted communities
  • Identify strategies and innovative financing to reach “hard to green” existing buildings in order to expand our impact and markets into marginalized communities

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