Decarbonizing Affordable Multifamily Housing: All-in REALIZE Retrofits & Zero Over Time

With so many ways to retrofit a building, how can owners identify the right scope of work? What about the right timing? Even the most well-intentioned building owner may leave carbon savings on the table, choose the wrong ECM or retrofit solution, or spend more than they should on a retrofit. Despite the urgency today to electrify and decarbonize as quickly as possible, we can and should stop, think, and plan to optimize retrofits and maximize savings, while investing in health, workforce, and equity.

Join a building owner and RMI climate thinker & doer for a discussion on all-in deep energy retrofits, the REALIZE initiative, standardized retrofit solution approaches, and “Zero Over Time” portfolio management strategies.

Session Chair(s): 

Event Time: 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022 - 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Room / Location:
Marina 3

CEU Information: 

Attendance for each full conference day offers 4.5 credit hours for both RESNET and MA CSL licensure.

CEU Credits: 

BPI: 1 Hour
GBCI: 1 Hour (BD+C, ID+C)
NARI: 1 Hour
PHIUS: 1 Hour

Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize lessons from a first of its kind prefabricated panel approach for retrofitting buildings.
  • Utilize integrated project design approaches that help teams think outside the box.
  • Describe Rocky Mountain Institute’s Portfolio Energy Optimization Tool and preliminary findings.
  • Illustrate how Zero Over Time planning can align energy/carbon projects with asset management and capital planning.

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