Tracking the Greenhouse Gas Impacts of Your Energy Efficiency Measures: New Tools & Lessons Learned for Designers & Contractors

This session will share insights from three research projects focused on greenhouse gas impacts of efficiency-related measures. How does the choice of insulation materials in new construction affect the building’s carbon footprint? What do five years of weatherization data tell us about GHG impacts of insulating existing buildings? What is the lifecycle carbon impact of using heat pumps to offset fossil fuel boiler heat when considering the electric grid, embodied carbon of new heat pumps, and heat pump fugitive emissions from refrigerant leaks? 

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Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 11:30am to 12:30pm

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BPI 1.0 hour
Mass. CSL 1.0 hour Energy
4.5 credit-hour packets available from PHIUS, RESNET, and Mass. CSL

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare the GHG impacts of insulation materials and heat pumps directly to the GHG impacts of heating energy savings
  • Learn common applications and GHG impacts of insulation materials in new construction and weatherization
  • Explain trends in the fields of weatherization, insulation materials, and C&I heat pump applications, and evaluate the carbon impacts of these trends
  • Describe the overall impact that material and system selection can have to reduce carbon emissions through simple substitutions using commonly available materials, systems, and practices

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