Diversity Caucus Info Session

In 2019, four members of the NESEA community stepped up to organize our first-ever Diversity Caucus, an event designed to bring together individuals underrepresented in the design and construction sector. This event took place at the BuildingEnergy Boston conference. Over 70 participants spoke out about instances of discrimination, oppression, and microaggressions, and shared strategies, successes, and strengths of their social identities. They also brainstormed steps for NESEA to take to demonstrate its commitment to diversity: the ideas generated during the caucus were developed into a report which was presented to the Board of Directors.
During this info session on September 23, the four organizers of the 2019 event will convene a conversation around their approach to designing the caucus, its intention, and its future. They will rally support for members of the NESEA community interested in this work to develop future Diversity Caucuses and related initiatives throughout our territory, particularly NYC.
Note: If the price of a BuildingEnergy NYC conference pass or a trade show-only pass is not easily within your means, you can register for a free trade show pass using the code "NYC20WedComp" to access community events on September 23.

Event Time: 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm