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Using the Mass Save Incentive Program to Reduce Cost of Insulation and Air Sealing

Overview of the Mass Save Program, Part 1

by Paul Huijing

Company Record Manager
Friday, April 10, 2015

Using the Mass Save Incentive Program to Reduce Cost of Insulation and Air Sealing

Overview of Mass Save Program, Part 1

Mass Save is a utility-administered program that assists owners in improving energy efficiency of their homes and businesses. It is funded by a surcharge on your Massachusetts utility bill. I am a residential general contractor and always attempt to combine a Mass Save improvement with my customer projects. Combining the insulation upgrade with another construction project allows me to help organize the process and insure that it is completed by a competent insulation contractor.

In this first blog installment, I will detail an overview of the standard Mass Save improvement program that seeks to bring existing buildings closer to compliance with current energy codes. Part 2 focuses on the air sealing function provided by the program, and in Part 3, I will detail the Deep Energy Retrofit program that seeks to improve energy performance significantly beyond current code requirements.

Standard Mass Save Improvement Program

The following information is taken from the Mass Save website:

“Mass Save® is an initiative sponsored by Massachusetts’ gas and electric utilities and energy efficiency service providers, including Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, The Berkshire Gas Company, Cape Light Compact, National Grid, Liberty Utilities, NSTAR, Unitil, and Western Massachusetts Electric Company. The Sponsors of Mass Save work closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to provide a wide range of services, incentives, trainings, and information promoting energy efficiency that help residents and businesses manage energy use and related costs.”

“Starting with a home energy assessment, you can reduce energy waste in your home quickly and over the long term. Whether you are making a few small changes, investing in major upgrades or equipment replacements, or building a new house, Mass Save has relevant incentives, services, and information.  Mass Save can also help you find income-based energy programs close to home, depending on your eligibility.”

Rebates and Incentives:

Rebates and incentives are a big part of the program and are shown below and described at this link:

Owners can get up to a $1500 rebate towards $2000 of improvements (first bullet point below). In addition, each home qualifies for no-cost air sealing (second bullet point). Financing is also available.

Arranging to have a Home Energy Assessment performed is the first step in improving the efficiency of your home.

I typically am available during the energy assessment to insure that all of the areas that I would like to address for my customers are covered by the auditor. I also review the final recommendations and then supervise the work. This insures that the client gets the maximum benefit from the program.

I will focus on the insulation and air sealing parts of the program in my next blog, other Mass Save offerings include efficient light bulbs, heating/cooling equipment, and new construction services.

Our Mission

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Daniel Rieber has 27 years experience working in the field of energy efficiency. For four years Mr. Rieber performed energy audits and was a construction manager, in multi-family buildings for the Weatherization Department of New York City Housing Preservation and Development’s Energy Conservation Division. Currently, Mr. Rieber serves as the Weatherization Director at Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation (NMIC). In that capacity he continues conducting energy audits and construction management for the Weatherization Assistance Program at NMIC. Dan is also an active board member of...

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