General Process

The project is the result of the Boston Redevelopment / City of Boston E+ Green Building Program. The design / development team was selected through a competitive design process that challenged leading practitioners to envision and building the next generation of residential urban structures. Integrated project planning was a competition requirement and included utilization and submission of a HERS model with the proposal. Upon designation the project team held a charrette with city staff leading the initiative. The developer worked with the New England Council of Carpenters to utilize the project as a learning and training site for apprentice carpenters.

Design for Adaptability:

The buildings are designed to last over 100 years.

Software Tools

Software Tools:


General modeling information:

REM/Rate - Residential Energy Analysis and Rating Software v14.3

Lessons Learned

Outcome of project goals:

The primary objects were to build LEED Platinum, net energy positive, urban residences that were market feasible and replicable.


No. Of interest is that building performance has improved in the second year as owners fine tune their management and use of the building.