Completion date


Family of 4

Days per year Building is fully occupied:


Type of Construction New
Number of buildings 1
Floor area of each building 2,800
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2.5
Stories 2
Conditioned Floor Area 2,800 sq ft
Semiconditioned Floor Area 1,400 sq ft

Location and Climate Details

Single Family Residence

Charlotte, VT 05445
United States
Location Type Rural
Climate Region Zone 6
Lat. / Long. POINT (-73.2609928 44.3098476)
Elevation 500 ft
Solar Insolation 3.7
Annual HDD and Base Temp 8000 |


Site conditions:
previously developed land, agricultural land, preexisting structure(s)
Site description:

Rural site with an existing 14,000 SF riding arena, horse stalls and residence. Building was disassembled and re-built a 1/4 mile away. New home constructed on the already disturbed land.

Materials and Design Strategy


Triple glazed windows U = .17
FSC certified wood
Cedar clapboard
Metal siding - durability
Metal roofing - durability
Materials from local sources
Concrete counters locally crafted
Local sustainably harvested maple flooring and hardwoods for cabinetry
Butcher block counter locally harvested and crafted
Reclaimed fir columns
Cellulose insulation
Denim insulation
Closed cell spray foam insulation
Low/no V.O.C. paints and finishes

Special architectural measures:

This project uses daylighitng, passive solar combined with thermal mass, super insulation, ground source heat pump and a 10kW wind turbine/4kW PV to be a net producer including the use of an all electric car for commuting

Indoor Environment Description:
All materials vetted for V.O.C's. House uses an HRV for fresh air, windows placed strategically for daylighting