General Process

We used an integrated process that is highly collaborative. Over 8 different disciplines were represented in our design team, from mechanical engineers and landscape designers to our construction manager and exhibit designers. As well, our environmental educators and staff of the Hitchcock Center had a central role at the design table. The whole project team was tasked with the entire building and all of its systems together, emphasizing connections and improving communication among professionals and stakeholders throughout the life of a project. Disciplinary boundaries were broken down and linear planning was reduced to promote great efficiency and effectiveness in the design process.

Our integrated-design approach required more time on the the front-end – from concept design to construction documents - nearly two years but the outcome is a beautifully executed and on-budget building.

Design for Adaptability:

Open column free spaces and slab throughout.

Software Tools

Software Tools:


General modeling information:

IES Virtual Environment (IES) version 2014.2.1.0

Lessons Learned

Outcome of project goals:

The project goal was to design and build a building to meet full Living Building Challenge certification. Following construction and occupancy, the building enters a 12-month audit period. This period has not yet begun.


Not enough data is available to date. Occupants have been in the building for only 2 months.