Walls and Roof

Subslab assembly

Basement slab has been thermally isolated from the ground below and other structural penetrations using 2” XPS insulation (R10), at the slabs perimeter using 2” high compressive strength closed cell rigid foam insulation (R10).

Subslab R-value 10.0
Slab edge R-value 10.0
Foundation wall assembly

Foundation walls are manufactured offsite by Superior walls, then installed by crane, consisting of 10-1/4” thick wall with high strength concrete studs at 24” OC, incorporating a continuous 1” XPS insulation (R5) at the exterior of the wall behind 1-3/4” of high strength concrete, leaving a 7-1/2” deep cavity for electrical wiring and additional insulation. These walls are then strapped using 2x6’s ripped in half, placed horizontally at 24” OC to increase the exterior walls thermal resistance.

Foundation wall R-value 33.5
Above grade wall assembly

Stick framed walls consist of 2x6’s spaced at 24” OC using FSC rated lumber also strapped using 2x6’s ripped in half, placed horizontally at 24” OC to increase the exterior walls thermal resistance.
Floor framing consists of 16” and 14” open web trusses spaced at 24” OC to limit structural framing issues and provide pathways for mechanical and electrical routing within the homes envelope.
Exterior wall insulation is proposed to be: 8.5” of cellulose (R30.6) or 0.5 lb foam (R32.3) within foundation wall cavities [R37 total], 2” of 2lb foam (R13) plus 5” of cellulose (R18) [R31 total] or 7” of 0.8 lb foam (R31.5 total) for stick framed wall cavities.

Above grade wall R-value 26.0
Roof Assembly

Roof framing consists of 2x12’s spaced at 24” OC also strapped using 2x6’s ripped in half, placed horizontally at 24” OC to increase the exterior walls thermal resistance. Exterior roof insulation is proposed to be: 3” of 2lb foam (R19.5) plus 10” of cellulose (R36) [R57.5 total] or 13” of 0.8 lb foam (R58.5 total)

Roof R-value 47.0

Windows and Doors

Window Assembly:

Exterior windows and French doors have triple insulated low-E glazing with aluminum clad Doug fir frames and are made by Loewen.

Average window U-factor 0.21
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.22

Mechanical Systems

Space cooling - Manufacturer & Model Air Conditioner Electric
Space heating - Manufacturer & Model Solar thermal panels
Domestic hot water - efficiency 85 kW
Ventilation - Manufacturer & Model Balanced: ERV, 241 cfm, 313 watts.
Lighting Manufacturer and Model
Lighting Efficiency
Mechanical Equipment Installation Details and Comments

- Space heating and cooling consists of seven forced air zones served by two variable-speed air-tight air handlers all fully air sealed and located within the conditioned envelope. The homes design heating load is 43.7 MBH and its design cooling load is 23.9 MBH for 5,246 square feet of conditioned space.
- Ventilation is provided by two energy recovery ventilators drawing exhaust air from each bathroom while simultaneously providing fresh air to each air handlers return air stream allowing on demand high flow ventilation for each bathroom or continuous ventilation for the entire home.
- A 2-1/4” thick concrete thermal mass / radiant floor below the dining/great room is designed to store winter daytime solar gain, when available, while also providing radiant hot water heating when required. Radiant hot water heating in the master bathroom floor overrides forced air heating in this room only.
- Baseline heating plant consists of 14 AET AE-32 solar thermal flat plate collectors (448 square feet) roof mounted high on a 10/12 slope configured in an open loop drain back system tied to one 957 gallon thermal storage tank. Backup heating plant consists of one Froling P4-38 pellet high-efficiency modulating (92%-95%) hot water boiler. Failsafe heating plant consists of one Heat Transfer 140M Munchkin high-efficiency (95.1% AFUE) modulating gas-fired condensing hot water boiler. Baseline heating plant will handle 60% of heating requirements, while the Backup or Failsafe heating plants will handle remainder.
- Domestic hot water is produced by two indirect storage tanks located adjacent fixtures served, heated normally by the baseline heating plant and secondarily by the backup or failsafe heating plant, if required.
- The home has ENERGY STAR refrigerator, dishwasher, & clothes washer. The home's lighting fixtures use either compact fluorescent or LED bulbs for reduced energy consumption.