General Process

A whole range of Applied Building Science key issues that address the structure, its mechanical systems, and the well being of occupants were addressed in the design of this home. In essence I built [or bought] what I taught. See "The House that Bruce Built" at Also see "The House that Bruce Built: Enhancements 1.0 - 6.0 at the same site. The practical, basic principles that need to occur to ensure that a home actually becomes its potential.

Design for Adaptability:

Exterior and interior doors are 36 inches wide, with only two interior door exceptions. The height of the crawl space is such that there is a comfortable amount of space to pursue revisions as desired. The crawl space is clean and dry given that it is a properly closed crawl space. The limited length hallway is 42 inches wide in place of the traditional 36 inch wide hallway.

Software Tools

Software Tools:

Tom Honey used several solar program tools for his 2011 and 2015 PV installations.

General modeling information:

During the building design phase the Elite software available in 1995 was used.
Jack Orum of Design Aire used the Rightsoft suite of programs to provide his J, D, S, and T information for the Heat Pump system and to supplement the Duct design for the ERV. Jack is known for sizing duct systems to be very quiet. You do not know if the system is on or off you are just very comfortable.

Lessons Learned

Outcome of project goals:

Very often the most important part of the construction process are the persons that you hire to perform the work. The quality of their knowledge and ability to actually perform the work as intended makes all the difference in the world. Performance standards need to be in agreement prior to work beginning. Buying say a SEER 13 piece of equipment and actually having it operate on-site as SEER 13 depends on the installer. We often refer to "Lucky 7" systems. You pay for a SEER 13 and you are lucky if it delivers SEER 7 because of the inadequate installation.
The original set up contractor had to be dismissed. While there are detailed set up instructions, he followed none of them. We asked around and hired a wonderful contractor who very easily and methodically proceeded through the processes and delivered the expected work. The General Contractor had to pay for this extra subcontractor out of his specified budget, not us. What we would have received had we not insisted on correct work [we had a copy of the required set up processes] would have been horrible for years to come.


Our home has just been wonderful and actually delivered as intended. However living in it has been so much more enjoyable than we anticipated - even to this day it is so pleasant.