A partnership between the Zero Energy Modular Affordable Housing Initiative and Habitat for Humanity

General Energy Use, Strategies and Systems

Energy Strategies:

The home has a tight envelope and high-efficiency mechanical systems and appliances to minimize energy use. It is equipped with rooftop solar to offset energy use on an annual basis.

Zero Net Energy Definition Used Site Energy Use

Monthly Energy Data and Utilities

Energy Data Type:
Zero Energy Program
Electric Utility:
National Grid
Datasets and utility bills sources and reliability:

Gross annual production as reported on monthly utility bills.

Renewables and Energy Balance

Renewable Energy Sources:
Renewable energy is generated within the building footprint (e.g. solar PV on the roof)
Renewable Energy System Description & Details
Annual renewable energy generated 7,664 kWh
Annual Renewable Energy Generated Data Type Measured
Power Rating Renewable Energy System Type(s) Source of Annual Production Data
9,012Watts Photovoltaics The production value is gross production (per home) and was provided through the Solar Edge dashboard.