Completion date


The building is occupied 350 days per year by the two occupants.


Type of Construction Retrofit
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2.0
Stories 1
Conditioned Floor Area 1,334 sq ft

Location and Climate Details

Single-family residence

235 Great Plains Road
West Tisbury, MA 02575
United States
Location Type Suburaban
Climate Region Zone 5
Köppen Climate Type Dfb
Lat. / Long. POINT (-70.630337 41.412775)
Elevation 80 ft
Solar Insolation 4.51 kWh / m2 / day
Annual CDD and Base Temp 480 | 78
Annual HDD and Base Temp 5835 | 68


Site conditions:
previously developed land, running water, preexisting structure(s)

Materials and Design Strategy


We wanted to fix an existing building on a developed site rather than build new, even with the attendant compromises. Windows, doors, fiberglass batts, and mechanicals were salvaged for others’ use. Exterior trim is river-recovered cypress. Wood floors are salvaged oak.

Special architectural measures:

Superinsulation, 50% of the glazing located on the south facade, high solar transmission glazing

Indoor Environment Description:
Energy recovery ventilator exhausts the bathrooms and supplies fresh air to the bedrooms