Mass Timber Construction in the Northeast

The climate benefits of using timber are becoming better understood by owners committed to sustainability goals, but the procurement and implementation process still present challenges. Hear from practitioners from three newly constructed Mass Timber projects: the Dept. of Unemployment Assistance building in Brockton, MA; a 7-story Passive House multifamily building at 11 E. Lenox, Boston; and the Bristol County Agricultural High School. Hear how with preparation, documentation, and involvement from all members of the construction team, a design team can lay the groundwork for a successful Mass Timber project. Learn important design, procurement, and construction coordination strategies for successful projects including: owner buy-in, early engagement with manufacturers and installers, estimation comparisons of other structural strategies, the shop drawing process, and construction coordination of building systems/trades through three specific projects.

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Event Time: 

Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm

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CEU Information: 

AIA 1.5 LU
Mass. CSL 1.5 hours Energy
4.5 credit-hour packets available from PHIUS, RESNET, and Mass. CSL

Learning Objectives:

  • Decide when Mass Timber may be an appropriate approach and when it is less suited to a project.
  • Describe examples of how established project goals can promote better coordination between designer and construction team.
  • Identify early design strategies that will lead to a successful project
  • Analyze cost comparisons with more traditional building methods and what cost saving strategies can be implemented to successfully build with Mass Timber

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