Elizabeth Engoren

Congratulate Elizabeth!


You are invited to congratulate Elizabeth Engoren, recipient of the 2021 Kate Goldstein Emerging Leader Award, by posting a message!

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Congratulations Elizabeth! Your hardwork and leaderrship make you a very well deserved recipient! 

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Congrats Elizabeth! It's great to see the young members take the baton from the older cohort here!

Hooray! Looking forward to working with you on the NYC conference!

Thanks for all you do for NESEA, Elizabeth! We're so lucky to have you in our midst!

Congrats Elizabeth! This is well deserved for all your contributions to NESEA and all those around you. It is truly a pleasure to know you and work with you!

Congratulations, Elizabeth! Well deserved!

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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Congratulations Elizabeth!  

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Congratulations, Elizabeth! We are expecting Great things from you!


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Way to go Elizabeth. Keep up the great work!

Congratulations, Elizabeth. Kate was one in a million, and you're carrying her torch in a way that is making her smile.

Well deserved, Elizabeth. It is so rare to find an organization that celebrates the exceptional people that are drawn to it. I applaud NESEA for doing so, and I am glad you are the focus, tonight. Rock on!

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CONGRATULATIONS!  Elizabeth. Thank you for your spirit of generosity and community!

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Elizabeth, congratulations! You are an inspiration. 

Congratulations on the award Elizabeth !

What a treat to "meet" and get to know you while we simultaneously celebrate your contributions to our community. Looking forward to the big thing we're all missing - physical presence and the chance to meet, share, and learn together in person.

As a NESEA staff member, I got the news early that you were enthusiastically selected for this award. "Oh, yes! Perfect!" was my immediate response. Over the past 4 years, as you've served on the conference Content Committee and now as Conference Vice-Chair, I've admired your knowledge, confidence, and ability to guide good decisions. I've seen how you value both technical know-how and a commitment to social justice, and are guiding NESEA in that focus. Thank you for being a role model - as Kate Goldstein was a role model - for emerging professionals in NESEA's community.

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