General Finances

The net cost of the energy upgrades are as follows:
10.26 KW Solar Array - $29,500
Geothermal Heat pump upgrade - $20,000
Upgrade to 2 x 6 Framing - $2,500
Energy Recovery Ventilator $2,500
Extra insulation above code - $2,000
Energy star Windows - $1,500
Additional Heating Zone - $1,500
LED lighting - $500

Credits below only count the electric savings associated with the solar electric generation. It is likely that the total electric power consumption savings are much more as the HVAC costs asre significantly lowered from the use of the geothermal heat pump, extra insulation, passive solar gain anf LED lighting. I estimate that if these savings are added in that the net electric savings are ~3000/year. The overall return on Investment for this project assuming a 25 year evlauation period is in the range of 6 - 8%/yr.

Gross Cost of Renewable Energy System $60,800
Value of Tax Credits for renewable energy systems $18,000
Net Cost of renewable energy systems $41,200

Savings and Revenue

Annual Electric Savings $1,486

Rebates and Financial Incentives

Federal incentives

30% Federal tax credit for 10.26 KW solar array and Geothermal Heat pump.