Walls and Roof

The house is two stories with a walk-out basement. Our bedroom is upstairs under a shed dormer. Our utilities and root celar are in an unfinished basement.
Walls are 12" double studded with dense packed cellulose insulation, R42. The roof has 18" of cellulose insulation, R60.

Subslab assembly

We have two layers of 2" extruded polyurethane under the slab, R20,with a vaor barrier and 6" of crushed stone.

Subslab R-value 20.0
Slab edge assembly

The slab edge is separated from the foundation by 2" of polyurethane insulation ~ R10.

Slab edge R-value 10.0
Foundation wall assembly

The below grade foundation is an 8" concrete wall with waterproofing. It is insulated on the inside with 2" of polyurethane insulation and a stud wall with blown in dense packed cellulose and 1/2" gypsum board for a total nominal R value of 22.

Foundation wall R-value 22.0
Above grade wall assembly

The above grade walls are 12" double studded walls with dense packed cellulose between zip sheathing and 1/2" gypsum board. The band joist is sprayed with 8" of closed cell foam. The air and water barriers are taped zip sheathing.

Above grade wall R-value 42.0
Flat attic assembly

The flat ceiling areas have approximately 16" of lose blown cellulose insulation. The roof is plywood sheathing with a ceiling of taped zip sheathing for the air barrier covered with gypsum board.

Flat attic R-value 58.2
Cathedral ceiling assembly

The cathedral ceiling area over the bedroom and bathroom are furred down from the rafters to allow for a vented roof and 18" of dense packed cellulose. The roof is sheathed with plywood and the ceiling is taped zip sheathing as an air barrier covered with pine boards.

Cathedral ceiling R-value 63.0
Roof Assembly

The rood insulation is described under the flat attic and cathedral ceiling sections. All roof sections are covered with 1/2" plywood sheathing, a roofing underlayment membrane and metal roofing. The roof is a vented assembly with peak and soffit vents.

Roof R-value 0.0

Windows and Doors

Window Assembly:

All the windows are PVC framed casement windows made by Mathews Brothers of Maine since 1854.These are the Clara Starett high performance triple glazed windows with foam insulation in the PVC frames. The glazing is called the PassivGlas-Plus package with 1" triple pane glass with two surfaces of low-e coatings (8070) with argon gas.

Door Assembly:

Fiberglass with wood edges, Therma-tru, smoothstar.

Average window U-factor 0.20
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.34
Visible Light Transmittance 0.41
Door U-Factor 0.30
Door Area 116 sq ft

Mechanical Systems

Space cooling - Manufacturer & Model Ceiling Fans
Space heating - Manufacturer & Model Daikin Altherma ERL018BAVJU
Space heating - capacity 6 kW
Domestic hot water - Manufacturer & Model Daikin Altherma ERKHWSO50BA3VJU
Domestic hot water - capacity 53 gal
Domestic hot water - efficiency 3 kW
Ventilation - Manufacturer & Model FanTech, Flex 100
Lighting Manufacturer and Model All LEDs
Lighting Efficiency