General Finances

This is a dream house on a budget. Kaylee and I are mostly retired now. We call this our last big adventure, a new house for a new relationship. To meet the dream we can't compromise too much. It would not have been possible without doing well selling my house in Watertown MA which was an Arts & Crafts bungalow that I had renovated.

Total Cost of Project $480,000
Construction hard cost $450,000
Gross Cost of Renewable Energy System $28,260
Cost per sq ft of conditioned space $200.00
Value of Tax Credits for renewable energy systems $9,478
Net Cost of renewable energy systems $18,782

Savings and Revenue

Annual Electric Savings $412
Annual Revenue from SRECs or other RE credits $1,266

Rebates and Financial Incentives

Federal incentives

30% tax credit of qualified expenditures.

State incentives

Solar 2 rebate $3250.
Massachusetts maximum tax credit of $1000.
Tier 3 rebate of $7,000

Local incentives