Completion date


Owner occupied by a retired couple.

Days per year Building is fully occupied:


New single family residence with an attached 2-car garage.

Type of Construction New
Number of buildings 1
Floor area of each building 1,776
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2.0
Stories 1
Conditioned Building Volume 14,523 cu ft
Conditioned Floor Area 1,596 sq ft
Semiconditioned Floor Area 621 sq ft

Location and Climate Details

Single family detached residence

9329 Rachel Shores Road SW
Farwell, MN 56327
United States
Location Type Rural
Climate Region Zone 6
Köppen Climate Type Dfb
Lat. / Long. POINT (-95.5463259 45.8058232)
Elevation 1,420 ft
Solar Insolation 4.15 kWh/m2/day
Annual CDD and Base Temp 270 | 70 deg F
Annual HDD and Base Temp 9,070 | 70 deg F


Site conditions:
previously undeveloped land
Site description:

This was a hilly lot with a medium sized lake to the south and a small lake to the west. The primary view was to the west.

Materials and Design Strategy


The house is a fairly traditionally built stick-framed structure, only with a high performance envelope. The landscape was to revert to natural grasses after construction for a "no mow" setting.

Special architectural measures:

An attempt was made to capitalize on the passive solar opportunity presented by the ample southern exposure. Unfortunately, the best views were to the west, which dictated much of the space orientation and glazing locations be west facing. The solar exposure was at least utilized with the pole-mounted PV system.

Indoor Environment Description:
The finished floors throughout the house are ceramic tile. A balanced ERV provides air exchange.